Prenatal Online Based Training

Prenatal Online Based Training


A customized program for YOU specifically to help ensure you can workout safely and in turn help yourself and you child to be. Candice is certified in Pre and Post Natal Corrective Exercise through the Fit for Birth method which helps her design the safest and most effective program for you.

You receive 1 on 1 coaching from her after an initial skype or phone call. Weekly check ins and program updates as needed. Workouts, self care, and weekly and monthly plans included.

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This is for any mom who is wanting to ensure her workouts and fitness routines are the most safe and productive they can be during her pregnancy. This program includes an assessment via skype or facetime to see and learn more about YOU! This helps Candice design the best program to fit your needs specifically. The program is based on a 6 week time frame and includes workouts, stretches, breathing techniques and relaxation techniques to help you feel better and bounce back better post pregnancy.