Ashley Ross

Ashley Ross

Candice has a way of meeting her clients’ where they are. She’s created this this delicate balance between their goals and real life. It’s not excuse-based. It’s reality-based. And ultimately, she gets them where they want to be – physically and mentally. I think she understands that it’s all about steady perseverance and not losing sight of long-term hopes.

Jenna B

Jenna Bolt

I love how individualized Candice is with her training. By setting goals with my input and taking measurements every few months, it allows me to really feel like I am working towards the goals I want and see the progress I am making.


Kimberly Waller

Candice Cunningham is a talented and creative personal fitness trainer! She is completely dedicated to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals; she develops personal programs for everyone that are challenging and never boring. Every day is different with Candice! She keeps you motivated and focused with her results-driven style of training. She’s the BEST!


Trish McGinnis

I have been working out with Candice for over four years now. I have always worked out my entire life but through the years I've put work and other personal commitments before my workout regiment. Candice has helped me get back on track to where I need to be with my exercise goals as well as weight loss and eating healthy. She clearly cares about her clients and is passionate about helping them achieve their goals. 


Meaghan Young

My favorite part of working out with Candice is that our sessions are very efficient. We always work multiple areas using compound movements and get a great work out in without spending hours at the gym!


Katie Stutzman

Candice has always been so conscious of the safest and most personal way to get fit. Many other trainers I have been to  don't seem to customize workouts to the individual and just want to see results through the same monotonous exercises. Candice genuinely puts the health of her clients first while varying each workout to keep it interesting and challenging her clients by targeting new muscle groups each session.

I have always felt that she prioritizes her clients by ensuring that no previous injuries are aggravated during a workout, modifying an exercise to a client's ability, and focusing on the safest way to loose weight through an overall healthy lifestyle. I think it speaks volumes to her character that she is so passionate about her client's individual goals.

Candice is always so positive about what she does and she has helped me to lose inches over this past year. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trainer that will be there every step of the way.



Leeanne Desroschers

Candice is so in tune to what I need physically, emotionally, and mentally from my workouts on a daily basis and always keeps me focused and motivated on the end goal.

tish s.jpg

Tish Spearman, Davinci Development

Our small office team has been working with Candice for about a year and seen terrific results.  She plans specific exercises for each of our abilities yet makes working out as a group fun and motivational.

john goff.jpg

John Goff - CEO Davinci Development Group

Candice has been a really inspirational trainer to work with.  She comes up with fresh approaches; and when I have had some injury, knows how to adjust the workout routine to improve and speed along the healing


Margaux Kaynard

Working out with Candice, along with a healthy diet helped me shed 25lbs. of baby weight. She listened to my goals and set a long term plan that got more strenuous week after week. She pushed me to be my best and we were both able to see results at weigh ins. She isn't just a trainer, she is a true partner committed to your success


Christina Wolverton

"Candice takes a holistic approach to health. She is constantly keeping up with the latest research (simply because she likes it!). She utilizes a wide variety of interventions and is very quick to encourage supplementary treatments to make sure you are being the best version of yourself you can possibly be!)

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 5.44.37 PM.png

Nikki Jordan

When Candice asked me to write a testimonial for her, I agreed, but to be honest, I had NO idea what to write. I mean, what do you really say? I pay money for her to make me do stuff I hate. The end, right? It wasn't until I looked at a photo of myself from December of last year (2012) and a photo of myself from November of this year (2013) that I found the words I needed to say to her: thank you. I started this journey back in June/July as "something to do." There was no goal outside of that. I didn't really think I'd stick with it

And if I'm being 100% honest here, I really didn't think it was going to work. Each week, we spend a half hour together and in all this time, she has NEVER pressured me to lose x amount of pounds or x percentage of body fat in x amount of time. She forces nothing on me and she never makes me feel bad for being human. We simply focus on having a good work out and getting stronger. She motivates me to do my best. She never settles for anything less than that. As one session morphed in to 6 months of hard work with Candice, I was really surprised that I a) stuck with it, b) enjoyed it, and c) I didn't care what the number on the scale was. This whole time, I had no idea the person I was becoming on the outside thanks to her, and as I type this and look at these pictures, I am still absolutely in disbelief .

So, to Candice: thank you from the bottom of my heart: thank you.

To you, the person reading this: whats the worse you have to lose? Send her an email, schedule a session, and stick with her. I promise that you will not be sorry! 

And warning, don't be fooled by how little Candice is; she WILL kick your butt.