Working out, when you don't know what to do.... not all workouts are created equal

Have you ever been super motivated to go workout, meaning you actually are NOT hesitant to go inside for once.

Those excited moment when you are ready to workout …….

Those excited moment when you are ready to workout …….

You get to the gym, walked in ready to go…..then you find yourself standing there…..not sure what to do. You look to the looks super crowded over there so you think you will do that later….you look to the machines and see people you move to the mat for core work but do not know where to start. You look back to the weights, see a bench open or a spot, but then think “but what will I do over there? What if I am doing it wrong then barbell bob comes over to correct me and I get embarrassed??” 

Next thing you know you're on the elliptical, not getting anywhere closer to that toned butt you so desperately desire. (sorry yall but an elliptical will NOT I repeat will NOT grow your butt or hamstrings for that matter). 

Is that you??

If so have no fear we have all been there I am almost sure of it!

My personal go to fallback is incline walking….. This is also the reason why I write myself a plan each and every week. Just like how I do for my clients. Keeping the next few months in view with a high level plan then broken down weekly as I/we go.

It makes such a big difference in accountability and showing up AND time management. We always want to keep our BIG goals in site but have the small stuff we work towards to get us there.

Life is so easy to get in the way, and it is guaranteed to at some point, but having something to go to when it does to keep us going even when we only have 30 minutes or an hour to workout the last thing we want to do is spend 20 minutes of that hour deciding what to do for a workout that day. If we did we would NEVER get a decent workout in….

Adapting a healthy lifestyle involves planning and their is no way around it…atleast in the beginning.

Regardless of your personal goals whether it is weightloss, eating better, improving blood work, self care, de stressing, you have to know where to start and how to keep showing up. Some of us are much better at this than others but even so having a plan big or small will help.

Keep Showing up to workouts

Keeping Goals in front of us will help.

I hope this motivates you to work on that plan, to show up and do what is best for you to get closer to where you ultimately want to be. 

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