The Best Day of My Life..... I got MARRIED


The Best Day of My Life

And getting back to reality afterwards

So y’all let’s be honest….. I have been a little let’s just say off my game since the wedding. This week I feel back at it though (only took a few weeks! ) but I am allowing myself to be ok with this…. I mean I better only get married once! Lol

I wanna include y’all on some highlights from the big day and what’s been going on since. Sooooo if you don’t wanna know then click on ;). 

The whole crew after our catamaran day trip - so much fun!

The Big Day:

The wedding week was literally the best week of my life. I don’t say that lightly either. I have always been a girl who didn’t envision her wedding, I didn’t have a book or pictures of what I dreamed of one day…. I didn’t know if I would ever get married…. until Chad. Then I knew I didn’t want anything huge, we both knew we wanted a destination and that I think personally made all the difference. We chose Finest in Playa Mujeres Mexico because of recommendations and I seriously could not have been happier. It was beautiful, the staff was beautiful and I don’t think I heard one negative comment from a single one of our 65 guests. 

The week was spent relaxing somewhat, eating good food (because they really do have great food). Some planning, going out on boats (a smaller group Wednesday then we took everyone out on Thursday) to cocktail hours and just fun times honestly. 

The wedding was Friday and it went by so fast. Said bye to chad and no idea what he did all day, but my girls came to our suite and our amazing hair and make up team from Zoe Elizabeth Hair and Makeup and came and did an amazing job. Seriously recommend them too! We drank too much champagne and I made my bridesmaids do a shot of tequila before we left which btw is NOT normal for me lol.

If you look realllllll close you can see mr jetski in the back leaving his waves :/

The ceremony was beautiful on the beach but hot, poor chad sweated through his suit! BUT it was pretty much perfect even with the jerk on the jet ski behind us (pic with him in it).

The reception was even more amazing (chad got to change thankfully for him) and we ate and danced the night away. My bridesmaid and longtime friend Allison stole the show with her dance and chair routine. Our great friend Clint and who married us gave the most amazing speech ever with the 10 reasons to marry chad Scott. It was epic. You can watch more of it below.

After the big day….. #reality

Overall it was amazing and it was hard coming down off that high so to speak. Not sure if my body really loved me after it all though. So. Much. Alcohol. Lol Literally Chad and I both went to the doctor the Monday after we got back…. I had laryngitis and he had a badddd case of bronchitis that he just got over almost 3 weeks later. 

Naturally y’all know I had to do something to get myself back to normal and luckily I had my favorite equilibrium nutrition detox ready to go for this week. If you’re confused or not sure what I mean the gist of it is a functional medicine detox. It works to degunk your liver essentially which is super important to help with nutrient absorption , hormone regulation, and metabolic function among other things. Our liver is essentially our filter and stuff from toxins were exposed to from outdoors, products we use, foods we eat, medicines etc can bog it down. It’s bad. And we never clean it. This detox I trust as Dr. Stephen Cabral has studied and explains so well how it works. It’s all natural and stems from not just functional medicine but Ayurveda as well which is the oldest form of medicine. You can read up more on that here if ya want!

Equilibrium Nutrition Detox -Supplements + Nutritional Support Shake

So yea getting back to it now. Digressing from the detox part lol. The wedding was indeed amazing. I am a wife now…. holy crap! I’ve got some fun stuff I’m working on now too for y’all. I have a weightloss program that will work to decrease inflammation for many areas to ultimately help with weightloss and health. So be on the lookout soon for it (you can stay in the know first by signing up here if you’re not already on my email list). 

Thanks for all the love and support y’all. Here’s to this next chapter xo

Epic speech by our friend and officiant Clint :)