Smart Skin Care - Choose the right stuff to decrease inflammation

As women we use alot of products (ok some guys do too, speaking to my fiance who may use more than me lol). Do we really pay attention to what goes in them though? Speaking through experience I know I didn’t until I started to realize I probably should.

We are working to fight inflammation as we KNOW now that inflammation is at the route cause of so many diseases…. And our skin, believe it or not is our biggest organ. Think about that. Really stop and think about it. What we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bodies and can either help us or hurt us. Those toxins we try to avoid in foods, we need to when it comes to our skin too.

Personally I have really sensitive skin, I have suffered off and on with eczema most of my life. I have always be lined for “sensitive skin” based products, but even those to my dismay have TONS of potentially harmful ingredients.

So today I want to share with you some of my favorite natural skin care products. Specifically one line from Primally Pure referred to as their Blue Tansy collection. The reason I love these products is because it targets inflammation from the outside that then in turn helps us on the inside.

Blue Tansy is a flower that is from the chamomile family. If you know anything about chamomile you know it is known for helping us relax, so that right there is a good sign to me. This works differently though as it helps combat inflammation through a deeper level and soothes irritated dry skin. It is shown to even help with acne.

Through my use of it I have seen significant improvement in my skin and redness that has always tended to be around, and it just feels softer overall. I love the body oil and eye cream as it helps combat my eyelid dermatitis I get sometimes too.

Primally Pure also has one of the best natural deoderont lines I have ever tried… ie it actually works! AND they have one that is specifically from the Blue Tansy line which we all know underarms are easily irritated.

So I want you to do two things -

1 -  look at your skin care products, take 1 or 2 ingredients you cannot pronounce and look up what they are, if they scare you then I want you to take a challenge of throwing it out and replacing it with something natural. (It doesn’t have to be this line either).

2-  Try the new product for a week and let me know how it goes, tag me or message me and let me know if you have seen any improvements or feel any differently. From those I will take a monthly winner to receive a FREE primally pure product :).  You gotta make sure you tag me though!

So lets make a difference and take care of our skin and our health together! If you want to try out primally pure you can use code CandiceCFitness at checkout to save 10%!