Fatigue and Working Out


When should you just push through a workout and when should you take a rest day?

Its tricky to know which is right for you. It can also vary person to person. It also is important to note that if you’re just tired it is one thing, but if you are straight up fatigued/ exhausted that’s another and that is what we are referring to today. First off we are going to start with what being exhausted does to your body.

When you are in that state of exhaustion whether it is from too little sleep, or stress or being ill, your body can push through things, that is a fact, but, it is because we are made that way. Our bodies have the ability to turn on during stress. Our hormones kick in such as adrenaline and cortisol to push us through so we can outrun things when we are in danger (like our ancestors did) but doing so too much will only lead to even more burn out.

Being in this zone of stress can cause inflammation, whether it be in our joints, in our stomachs, in our immune system, our skin, the list could go on! We don’t want that especially if you already suffer from something that is already affecting one of these systems (make it autoimmune or worse).

If you haven’t been sleeping, cannot think straight, feel dehydrated, want carbs 24/7 and sweets then you do NOT need to go do a high intensity workout to put more stress on your body. You need to reverse the stress THEN you can get back into the gym in that way.

Some great options to combat the stress and get more rest are:

  • Increase hydration (you know I am all about my liquid IV)

  • Try to get in bed earlier a little night (start with 15 minutes earlier, then each week go back 15 more minutes)

  • Turn off your phone and TV and pick up a book for 15-30 minutes before bed. The blue light from technology tends to mess with our neurotransmitters which can cause us to not turn off when we lay down.

  • Take some liquid melatonin. I love this stuff and I hated typical melatonin I had tried prior. Since it is a liquid it gets absorbed faster (under the tongue) and gets out of your system faster so no grogginess. This is my favorite —-

  • Change up your workout routine - go for a low intensity workout like a long walk or if you are a runner a jog that is not a super taxing one. Try or add in yoga or just doing some stretching or core work at home daily. Check out my glute program focused on corrective exercise for an option!

  • Add some adaptogens into your supplement routine, I love ashwaganda and tulsi.

Overall we want to implement things that will bring our cortisol levels down. If you suffer from inflammation already you want to make sure you get ample rest prior to doing anything that is going to be more taxing on the body. So I am talking to you all my RA and Autoimmune warriors. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever lift heavy or do HIIT training but it more means that you have to allow ample time for recovery. Something many of us already suffer with because waiting makes us feel like results will never happen. But I can promise you if you do too much and are too taxed and exhausted your stress in your body will make you hold onto any fat you are trying to lose. Mark my words.

So listen to your body. If you are waking up day after day feeling like you still didnt get enough sleep then take a rest day. If you are working out hard in the morning and by 12pm you are tired then scale back a little bit on the intensity. Make sure you are eating meals full of nutrient dense foods that can help fight inflammation like those mentioned here. You should feel better for working out not worse and if you are finding that the latter is true then you need to change it up.

If you need help with any of these things don’t hesitate to reach out! I am here for you!