My Daily Favs

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We all have things in our daily routine that we live by, that we use all the time. I get asked a lot about certain things and want to share with you just some of my things I consider staples and the WHY behind them. That sound good to you?!

My Daily Routine -

Step 1:

Celery Juice…. If you haven’t heard of all the benefits of this stuff I strongly suggest reading this by the originator of it himself. I do my best to get 12-16 oz a day. It takes some time but I feel my gut and skin and just how I feel overall has made a major impact.

Step 2-

As I am drinking my celery juice I wonder into wash my face, put contacts in, etc. I am all about organic and natural things not just in the food I eat now but also in the things I use on my skin. There has been so much I have learned in regards to what we absorb via toxins through not just ingesting things but via breathing and topical as well. I came across Mad hippie products and could not be more happy with the results. I am by no means a skin guru, but my skin is definitely brighter and smoother. I use the vitamin c serum morning and night followed by the face cream under my makeup (which I don’t wear much of most days so it is more of a base). I brush my teeth then head back to the kitchen :)

Step 3-

Coffee (yes so kill me). I dont think I can ever just give it up. I only have a cup a day but I mix it with almond milk and coconut oil and stevia and cinnamon. I love it, it loves me, the end :)

Step 4-

I make my breakfast smoothie. (also side note if it is a really early morning I will make an apple that I heat up with cinnamon to eat really quick since I don’t want anything super heavy but need something to keep on my stomach until breakfast (the smoothie that I eat around 830ish).


I like eating it with a spoon if you didn’t already know…. I use Equilibrium Nutritions Daily Nutritional Support because it is LOADED with all the vitamins and minerals I need for the day + vegan protein. I love it and its organic, non gmo, and I generally feel better when I have it. Soooo I mix My DNS with wild blue berries, frozen spinach, almond or coconut milk, and then either flax and pumpkin seeds or sunflower and sesame seeds (they are already blended into a powder form and I use 1 TBS of each) + Vitamin C and Zinc and Healthy Belly for my supps.

If you are wondering on the seeds part, it is for help with my hormones (estrogen and progesterone) that are never balanced (telling you I am a hot mess which is why I try to be the best I can! lol). It is referred to as seed cycling and you can find more on that here.

I work for 4 hours or so then its lunch time

Step 5:

Lunch - For me this is typically some sort of lean protein be it chicken or fish or just hemp seeds or tofu (I am trying to do more vegetarian/vegan when I can). Plus lots of veggies (make it colorful!) and some complex carb (so basically sweet potatoes duh) and healthy fat. This tends to be my biggest meal of the day. I used to eat a ton of little meals all day but I have backed off from that right now. I am not implying that there is anything wrong with it but I am working more on how I feel and my digestion does better on 3 bigger meals a day. If I am working to up my metabolism or lean out I would go back to the latter.

I work more and if I get to the point that I am starving I do a protein shake - typically vegan like Plantfusion plus some almond milk and if I can blend it then more frozen spinach and blueberries.

Step 5:

Dinner -

This typically is lean protein (chicken/fish/turkey) + healthy fat (like olive oil or avocado) + complex carbs and veggies and then I add my supps that are + Healthy Belly + Omega 3’s

PS- Another hot mess tip if you’re like me and tend to be more on the dehydrated side…. I love some Liquid IV for those days and I just mix it with water. Check it out here. (it is also great for hangovers…. just sayin)

Post Dinner-


It is my Tea + Ashwaganda time- I have always had trouble with turning my mind off at night so I have been known to try anything that can help me do that. I love this stuff, I use the dropper kind and put it in my tea at night because it does help me relax. Ashwaganda is an adaptogen meaning it adapts to what your body needs. If you struggle with increased cortisol or anything like that, it may not be a bad thing to try. Its an ancient remedy you can find more about right here.

Then getting ready for bed -

Wash my face, brush my teeth and use those Mad Hippie products again :)

About 30-60 minutes before I got to sleep I use Liquid Melatonin as well. I put a dropper full under my tongue and then swallow it. If you are like me and you have tried melatonin in the past but it made you groggy or it did nothing I dare you try this. The liquid version is absorbed quicker so it isn’t left over for grogginess the next day and it definitely helps me fall asleep each night.

You know after reading that I am like whoa I use alot during the day, but they help me and if things help you (that are not addictive, controlling, etc) but instead make you better for YOU and for everyone around YOU then in my opinion go for it.

And this little disclaimer just as an fyi don’t think I don’t shower or workout daily because I do !! It just varies depending on my work schedule and when I fit them in…. but I am not a dirty person, so don’t be confused lol.

Have questions?? Let me know! I am here for ya!!


These opinions are my own and are not intended to cure or fix any disease nor am I prescribing anything, these things works for me and I am sharing that alone.