Whats the right thing to do with working out and pregnancy?

So you're pregnant. You want to do the right thing for both your health and your unborn child(s). But what is the right thing to do?

You probably fall into one of two categories.... Either you have been working out, or you haven't. Simple enough right? But then there are differences within each......If you have been how do you know what you should do/ shouldn't? Are the workouts you've been doing ok or should you do more, less or change it up? If you haven't is it even safe to start? Do you even want to start?

Let me start by saying everyone is different!! What works for ol girl on the internet is probably not the perfect thing for you. Why? Well think about it we all already have different lifestyles, bodies, health issues/concerns and muscle imbalances so wouldn't we all need different plans of approach when it comes to working out. ESPECIALLY when we add the impact of growing another human inside of us? Adding the extra weight of a fetus is only going to exacerbate any imbalances we already have. For example, if you have an excessive anterior tilt with your pelvis (lower back arches and stomach protrudes forward and by the way many of us do! ) you need to add things to your workouts to fix that before baby starts growing or you're bound to have numerous lower back problems, sciatica etc. That extra weight pulls your pelvis even more forward making your hips even tighter and more pressure on that lower back. Your friend or girl on the internet may not have that! And doing things to make your hips tighter (leg lifts, squats, etc) can make it worse for YOU but not her.... Make sense?

Therefore when you get pregnant you need to first figure out what those imbalances are, then focus on correcting them! I like comparing pregnancy to training for a marathon. Think about it, both require a long time frame (6-12/9 months) of preparation. The actual event itself lasts hours and we have to not only prepare physically but mentally as well for when we want to give up, when we hit that "wall". 

Thats where myself or another Pre/Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist comes in. We talk about your current lifestyle, your health history, your goals for the pregnancy and then from there do an analysis of your breathing, movement patterns and posture to see where those imbalances lie. THEN together we develop a plan of action to get you to where you want to be. To have the healthiest pregnancy you can. 

So there isn't a right or wrong answer to what can or cannot be done once pregnant. It is more important to focus on what will make YOU better. That individualized approach. Think about the difference it could make. 

If you're ready to see what we can do for you contact me today!