Better than yesterday


Every day we have a chance, an opportunity to really push ourselves and make the most of what we have been given. 

By no means are any of us perfect, some days we will be on point, others not so much, but that is what it means to be human. 

One thing I try to really instill in my clients is the power of mental strength. Whether it is a tough cardio or strength workout, whether it is keeping your cool in a meeting or with your significant other mental strength is important. BELIEVING in our own ability to do something is what is truly the first step to really achieve ANYTHING. If we do NOT believe we can then we NEVER will. If we are doing something for someone other than ourselves we probably will never finish or succeed as we initially hope. It all starts within. 

That is why each day, each workout, each tough situation is a position we can be in to rise above. To get stronger and be better...... than we were yesterday :)