Three things to implement when you're pregnant.

During pregnancy, your body gets put under a lot of change to put it lightly. The from extra  weight to hormonal shifts as women we undergo a lot. These things can all add up and lead to other things if we aren't careful over those some odd 40 weeks. It seems like more often than not aches and pains are thought of as the "norm" in society, especially with pregnancy. As much as I would love to say there are 100% cure alls for these "pains" I can't. I CAN however give some things that can HELP them. Starting with stretching and breathing so here are 3 things that pregnant women need to implelment from day 1 or as soon as they can.


1- Diaphragmatic breathing

You may have no idea what I am talking about here, but I have a entire blog dedicated to the diaphragm. It is one of the simplest most effective ways to relieve back pain, relax, engage core and take away body stresses. How? Diaphragmatic or deep breathing which can be done from laying supine and learning to breathe through your stomach. Contracting this muscle can actually decompress the spinal discs and allow fluid exchange to the lumbar area.  It also plays a role in relaxation and mood both which are critical during pregnancy.

2- Stretches Cat/ Cow and Seated Piriformis

Both of these stretches are great for lower back and do not involve awkward positions hard to get in with a baby in your belly! The cat/cow is a common yoga stretch used to stretch lower back and work the pelvis keeping muscles loose and not in a locked position which many women can find themselves in from having an anterior pelvic tilt from the pressure of a growing stomach. 



The seated performis stretch is great for reaching into the sciatic nerve pain and getting deep into the glute where it tends to originate.  

seated piriformis stretch.jpg


Hydration is on another level of importance when pregnant yet most can't tell when they are truly dehydrated. Without enough water in the womb nutrients will struggle to be absorbed, and toxin removal is not going to be at optimal levels. Growth and development of a fetus requires water, therefore the more the mother can drink the better. Aiming to drink a cup an hour is a great goal to work towards. 


So try to do implement these things if you are pregnant, or maybe you're not but want to be one day.... Either way I promise they will help!