Why you are not losing....

So youre not losing weight….. You have been working out, trying to eat the healthiest possible.... yet the scale is now immobile and you're starting to doubt your efforts. If you should even keep going or even trying.

If that sounds like you I promise you are not alone. There a multiple reasons that could be holding you back. Ive compiled a list for you to see if any possibly could be the reasons for your slower progress. Of course always check with your medical provider as well if you think there could be something more. I am no doctor ;).

  Big Reasons That Could Be Hindering Your Weight Loss:

  • Not eating enough or the right stuff
    • When you are trying to lose weight, you need a combination of both the right nutrition AND exercise. You HAVE to eat. Fad diets where you simply cut out entire food groups, or starve yourself for a lack of better words do NOT work. Why? Because you will gain it all right back as soon as you stop with the diet. Lifestyle changes are key, and with that comes learning how to eat the right stuff. Not all at once and not 24/7 either.
    • Your body needs the right combination of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats to make up your calories each day and to function at full potential. This also ends up aiding in your metabolism working correctly. Depending on your body, your workout routine, and your goals everyones macronutrient (protein, carbs, fats) needs are different. Work with someone who can help you determine what you specifically need or do the research yourself.
  • Not enough protein
    • No you don't have to eat meat 24 hours a day but you do need to up your protein consumption. Why? Because protein helps repair and build muscle, and muscle burns fat.... when you are not working out! That post workout fat burning process that occurs is aided by muscle. But muscle (LEAN muscle) has to be built. Aim to get .75- 1g of protein/ per pound of your bodyweight a day. If you divide it up I promise it is not hard to do! Great sources are grilled chicken, eggs, lean ground turkey and beef. Protein shakes are good alternatives too. I would stay away from most protein bars because they do tend to be more like glorified candy bars nutrition wise.
  • You don't drink enough water
    • Our bodies need water! Did you know our bodies are made up of about 60% water? We have to maintain a certain amount to keep our bodies functioning properly. All of our bodily systems depend on it. We lose water through sweat, urination, exercise and certain illnesses. That is why it is imperative to stay hydrated. Think about it, if you are working out chances are you are sweating a good bit. If you don't stay hydrated your digestion system is not going to work as efficiently, this can lead to bloating and storing excess fat that isn't processed. Aim to drink 2-3 liters a day. I always keep 1 Liter bottles on hand and refill them a few times a day to ensure I am getting enough. Stay Hydrated!! If you hate water you can always add ID Life Hydrate :)
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  • You eat while watching tv
    • Now I am not saying you cannot eat why you watch tv but if you have a bag of chips for example in your lap while you watch… next thing you know the bag is gone. Mindless eating occurs. The key--- portion stuff out. Also it is proven when you pay attention to what you are eating you eat less. Be mindful of it and don't just eat mindlessly.
  • Too much cardio and not enough lifting/ resistance training
    • You HAVE to Build muscle. Yes ladies I am talking to you. You WILL NOT get bulky. Granted we all have different body types so some will require more heavy weight to get results than others. Case in point--- ME. I am an ectomorph, I do NOT gain muscle as easily as some. Those legs in the picture below for example press about 400-500 lbs weekly.... and maybe its just me but I don't think they look manly...
    • 12360231_10103659194511935_2005558463422217147_n
    • Again I can't stress enough to find someone who can help you determine the best path for you. If you are in Atlanta or would like to work with me remotely of course I would love to help! If not, please speak with someone close to you who does understand this! It will take a lot of stress out of your journey if you work with someone.
  • You cheat too hard on the weekend
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    • Binge eating. You stick to your nutrition plan or whatever you are working with ALL week so why not be able to eat whatever you want on the weekends? Well for starters eating TOO much bad stuff for an extended period will only derail your progress. Add in sugary foods and processed stuff to the mix and it will cause your brain to think you need that stuff. You will be more likely to crave the stuff as you try to get back on track at the beginning of the week. This will only create more challenges. Especially in the beginning of a lifestyle change - try your best to stay on track for the most part and if you want a cookie, eat A cookie, or have A slice of pizza but NOT the entire thing.
  • You think because you're working out you can eat more WRONG.

    • Yes you may be burning more calories but that does not mean you can go eat an entire pizza multiple times a week. Moderation is key. Stick to the 80/20 rule. Stick to your healthy foods and good choices 80% of the time and that allows for splurges here and there.
  • You go after fat free foods
    • These are normally filled with sugar to suffice. Sugar especially added sugars is a no no when you are trying to lose weight. You can read more about that here.
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  • You drink too much
    • Yeah..... Alcohol is absorbed by the body as “empty calories”. With that being said your body uses it before anything else you have already eaten (healthy or not) for fuel. This causes a back up of the already stored food and if not used…. gets stored as fat. Double that with the temptation to eat bad stuff after a night of drinking and thats even more possibility to gain. It also leads to dehydration too... another road block. Stick to moderate drinking and you should be ok :).