Slap in the face......


Current situation...... Me, on the couch, ice pack on my shoulder, mad at myself for letting my shoulder get this bad. I'm also contemplating how exactly 1) my claustrophobic self is going to survive being put in a small space for an decent amount of time later this week without taking a large amount of medicine to calm myself.... or wine, lots of it... 2) Who is going to hold me down as they try to inject some junk in my shoulder before hand... I have had an MRI before of my head, and it was an "open" MRI.... (my a**), there was still stuff on all sides of me and I freaked out, this should be fun. IMG_3667

As I am sitting here thinking all this, I also suddenly get a slap in the face thought of, "SHUT UP you still have your arm, you still have your health, you can walk, you just included in your weekly newsletter how working out is a blessing, AND you talked with one of your clients today about this very thing...." Ugh hi reality check.

Disclaimer **** This isn't a normal fitness post, so if you are expecting that you'll be disappointed, but if you are going to let that disappoint you then you should definitely keep reading.

I am human, I have good days and bad days. We all do! We each have issues we are going to face in life. It can get frustrating at times because it can feel like one thing after another. You think you are on the up.... and then you only get knocked down again. At earlier times in my life I would let these times get the best of me for way too long, then luckily I found new perspective. Now I typically catch myself when these things happen and attempt to look at them differently (key word attempt). I am now thankful for times like these even if I can't see the reason right then and there. Yes I said thankful and I will tell you why...

First off like I said my perspective has changed. I relate it to my faith, but it can also just be from following people who look at things with a glass half full mentality. I have also surrounded myself with these type of people, and I promise not having negative Nancys in your life make a BIG difference! I then start to think back of all things that were "bad" in my past and how they helped me in some way. I try to actually write these things down when I think of them so I can actually look at them when frustrating times come. To be real the past month or so has definitely been on the down.... things I thought were going to come to pass didn't or got put on the back burner and in turn have made me work on that whole patience thing I am not good at. Good news is I can sense and know it is about to change (perspective), and I know months like that are part of life!

I know this because I can look at my past with things like:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis ----- lead me to my career I have now.
  • Certain breakups ----- saved me from settling. Opened my eyes to things I may need to change as well as red flags in new relationships.
  • Eating disorder ------- my love for nutrition and helping others with it.
  • Lonely nights---- Found faith in God.

I could keep going but you see what I mean. I consider all of those and many more to be blessings in disguise! Those things all lead to building me, to preparing me for good later down the road. Right now I know no matter if I have to have surgery, or not I will NEVER wait this long to go see a doctor as they predict it just made it that much worse. (I may or may not have been having pain in June..... It is almost November, trainer fail for sure).


My reason for sharing all of this, is because I want you to realize life is never going to be perfect. We really need to try to appreciate each day as everything could change in a blink of an eye. I say all the time I am by NO MEANS perfect but I have the mentality now that I have to be thankful everyday for the good AND bad stuff life throws me. Some days are and will be harder than others but I know my attitude and my future depend on me making the best of each of them. Presently my shoulder may suck, but I have the ability to get it fixed if I have to, I have a car to take me there, friends and family to help me, and I have a job that allows me to afford health insurance... on my own :/. But regardless all these things are small but they make me appreciate the big (life).

So no matter what you may be going through you are not alone, we all have our own struggles in our lives. They may be different but that doesn't discredit them from being hard. It is up to us alone to find the positive in each though, find the silver lining. If we can do that most days, life will be more about whats happening FOR us than TO us.... and we will be better people because of it.

C :)