Why BMI sucks..... in my opinion...

Have you ever personally been told you are "obese" when you know you are in fact healthy? Or maybe you know someone who has? Do you really know what BMI is? How about why it seems to be (thank you sweet baby Jesus) getting moved out the door as a factor in measuring health? First off BMI (Body Mass Index) measures your body fat based on ONLY height verse weight.... So basically it is saying whether or not your 5'2 self (an example) is holding 30 lbs of muscle or 30 lbs of fat you are both equal on the BMI scale.... Can you see why this is inaccurate?!?

Look at body builders, many times they are shorter and have TONS of muscle but if you were to calculate their BMI they would 110% be considered obese! It drives me crazy!

I have worked with multiple people who are in GREAT shape but according to their BMI it would appear they are obese...

Going back to one of my favorite discussions I have with clients.... the SCALE DOESNT MATTER!!

Being "obese or overweight" has nothing to do with a number on the scale. More so, it has to do with how much actual fat you have, and the type of fat for that matter (visceral is the worst). For example, 30 lbs of muscle is not bad, but 30 lbs of fat carries a totally different array of health risks (type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc) .It should also account for things such as cholesterol, blood pressure, and other things along those lines in my opinion.

This can also be applied in the opposite direction, just because someone is in the "healthy" BMI range doesnt mean they are "healthy". Ever heard of skinny fat? Well it exists, I for one used to be in this category and its not just a term... Some people especially when they are younger have much faster metabolisms so they can eat whatever (unfair at times I know), with that said though they may look thin on the outside but their insides are screaming for help! Skinny people can have high cholesterol, high blood sugar, etc... One of the main reasons I tell my clients to stay off the scale and pay attention to how your clothes fit and how you feel are these exact reasons!

When you work out and strength train, you are going to put on lean muscle. Muscle is much denser than fat, it also BURNS fat so you WANT muscle (ladies I am talking to you).  When you build muscle you are going to burn  that really bad for you visceral fat as well!  Muscle also helps protect bones, and keep your joints healthy, and helps against osteoporosis.

So bottom line, if you are working out, eating right, and feel good then be proud! Do not worry about what your BMI is if you get it measured (and just don't in my opinion), do not worry about that scale.... Just be happy and proud of the progress and consistency you have! Get your actual body fat and measurements taken as an alternative. If you have access to a bod pod that is one of the best ways to measure it. If not just take good ol' measurements with measuring tape and do that every few weeks, plug it into a formula (I prefer this one ----- here) and keep track that way!

Just stay consistent, stay proud, and know you are worth every little bit of effort you are putting in. No measurement should deter your progress or self esteem!

And as always if you need help with workouts, nutrition, or supplement/ all natural vitamins let me know! Thats what I am here for!!!

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Candice :)