What is in your Nutrition?

You might want to check that label!! New scientific data ( Here  ) points to the fact that many people may suffer from a host of medical conditions and symptoms now linked to a newly-discovered genetic #mutation of the #MTHFR where they are unable to process folic acid and must have a methylated form of folate instead. If they don't it could be dangerous, and most supplements are not methylated.....

At #IDLife, as soon as our physicians, scientists and formulators at #IDLife* heard this emerging research, they immediately made the decision to switch all our folic acid to methylated folate in our customized, pharmaceutical-grade #IDNutrition* program... SO, again, what's in YOUR supplements??

Take your assessment and order today ---- candicecunningham.idelife.com/idnutrition/index.html

(*DISCLAIMER: IDLife does not claim... and IDNutrition is not intended... to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease)