Invest in YOU!


We all spend money on things we want, myself included, and a lot of times things we don't need. Its part of society today, thinking it helps our "status" by wearing ridiculously expensive shoes from a guy who doesn't even play in the NBA anymore, or for some women those shoes or handbags that cost a lot more than what I pay for my rent each month..... Now I am not saying rewarding ourselves every so often is bad, far from it. BUT we need should really stop and think about our priorities. Within in the industry I am in, hearing that someone cannot afford or doesn't want to spend $50- $100 on something that could better their health (you know so you can be around to wear those shoes), all the while wearing, or holding one of the things I previously mentioned is hard to grasp.

I know I cannot be the only one who thinks this way. Like I said I am guilty at times too but its time as a society who has obesity rates higher than any other country in the world..... that we reevaluate our thinking.

Invest in YOU. After all if you don't take care of yourself, you won't be around to enjoy those other things.....

Lets start now, new year..... new mindset :)

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