10 healthy doable habits


We all struggle some days to get motivated, to stay on track, to choose what we want now for immediate fulfillment versus the option that will actually be more beneficial in the long run. I am by NO means perfect, but I do notice habits in myself and others who I look up to that are reasonable and achievable for everyone. Its just a matter of how bad you want something.

  • 1. Holding ourselves responsible-
    • We know if we don't put in the work, if we decide pizza over salad then if we are bloated or whatever the next day it is OUR fault. No one else's!
  •   2. Something is better than nothing
    • Some days we may just be blah, not feel like doing anything, our motivation is low. Those day we drag ourselves to the gym anyways, or go out for a long walk or run. Even if it is not our "best" workout performance wise we still do it. Consistency is key, creating a habit is key, so you do it even when you don't want to.... Unless you are sick, then I say NO!
  • 3. Planning ahead
    • We know planning is HUGE when attempting to build healthy habits. This is the biggest factor with nutrition in my opinion. We more than likely PLAN OUR MEALS! Take 1 day a week an hour or so to plan everything to eat that week. Just grab and go to prevent from grabbing something fast..... i/e fast food.. Of course this does not mean that we carry everything in ziplock bags or that we don't eat out. Cell phones and internet make it easy to research what to order ahead of time.  #healthydecisions
  • 4. Lists
    • Everyday do you write down what you need to do? Do you have a schedule? I bet you do! Well we include working out and mini goals even in part of our schedule ;).  Crossing them off as I go, give me some weird sort of fulfillment, and I know I am not the only one... try it, I am willing to bet you will feel the same!
  • 5. Goals.
    • We have goals, ALWAYS. Big and small. Daily and weekly and monthly and yearly, (I Could keep going). The small mini goals add up and help stay on track towards the big ones. Every day have a goal, every week, etc. Accomplishing the small stuff keeps you motivated.
  • 6. Saying No.
    • If we are working hard for something, the last thing we need is to tempt ourselves and get derailed. While we are huge advocate on moderation (10.) , we still have to know when to stay away. If we know we are getting in a swimsuit or have a photo shoot that week we are by no means stepping inside Sprinkles Cupcakes or going to any mexican restaurant and being tempted with a margarita.
  • 7. Understanding it is a lifestyle versus quick fix
    • Nothing is going to happen overnight. We get that. Work leads to results. We know just as we didn't gain weight overnight, it will take some time to get it off too.
  • 8. Surround ourselves with like minded people
    • Its good to have friends of all ages, all areas of life, all sizes, all colors, no judging in my opinion :). But for that inner circle, those who we really trust and go to for help, those few, are all more than likely all positive go getters. Ones who don't like negativity, who strive to better themselves as well as others. No they aren't perfect, but they have the same values. Surround yourself with good, and you will reflect it!
  • 9. Help others along the way
    • Of course its great to get yourself where you need to be, but what good would it be for you to make all these productive changes and not share them with anyone else? Why wouldn't you want to help others get to where you are, or where you are going? We know this... and enjoy it! Helping others not only benefits the one being helped regardless of how big the deed is, but it helps you too. Nothing and I mean nothing feels better than knowing you helped someone achieve or get closer towards where they wish to be. If you don't know the feeling, then go try it. You won't regret it!
  • 10. Moderation 80/20
    • Life is about living, we get that. But if you are eating crap all the time, laying on your butt then your body will reflect it. If you workout 4-5 days a week, make healthy choices, drink water, and have a good attitude then your body will reflect that too. If you stress all day every day about what to eat, what to drink, what to do for a workout then that will show too. You have to let yourself enjoy some things. Whether thats food or just relaxing, adapt the rule of "everything in moderation". If you want a margarita one night, have it. If you want a cupcake, eat it. (Just don't have a margarita everyday or 12 cupcakes). Afterwards do NOT beat yourself up over it, just jump right back on track the next day. A key to succeeding in this is don't buy bad stuff in excess. Keep only healthy options in your home that way when you are tempted or if you want one treat you go get the ONE treat and then move on. :)

Do you have any healthy habits I failed to mention? I am sure there are tons more out there so please feel free to comment below and share! Everything mentioned above are based on observations and opinions not facts, so please feel free to add yours!

And as always please let me know if there is anything I can do to help! I offer personal training in the metro Atlanta area, Nutrition Fitness help as well as ID Life all natural products!

Stay fit y'all!