Matthew 7:7


So if you know me, you know my faith is a HUGE part of my life. The past few years have had their ups and downs but I FINALLY fell like I know I am on track with where HE wants me to be. Another thing you know if you follow me is I have recently started working with a company ID Life. Now I have always been one to think network marketing people were annoying (sorry but its true) so I never envisioned myself here. I had been praying for God to show me a new “opportunity” so to speak within Fitness to help get my crazy schedule more in line, and allow me to take care of myself and in turn my clients. Then I was presented with this… I was hesitant but after researching it, trying product, looking into the products, Logan Stout the CEO and what the company was all about I was stupid not to get involved. And it has already paid off, financially and mentally, physically AND spiritually.

Case in point: Everyday I ask God to show me what he wants me to do with that day, what opportunities to take, what directions to go, etc. Today as I am hurt once again, he put on me to open up Logan Stouts book I received upon joining…. and in the first chapter I see this, him quoting Matthew 7:7. One thing that has always scared me is being bold, asking for things so to speak. I know this comes from my mother and she will kill me for writing this but its the truth. She has always been one to never ask from anyone. This has led to sales being a scary concept for me, but since taking this position it is something I have been praying about. A client of mine gave me the bracelet with that same scripture on it and I wear it pretty much everyday. Think what you want but seeing that scripture in that book, by ID’s CEO just confirms to myself I am on the right path. He also speaks so highly on Vision and Belief in something in order to be successful. Well not only do I truly believe in our products and what they can do for my clients, family and friends but I believe God has placed me with this company within its early stages for a reason. I know I am all about getting uncomfortable when it comes to fitness, so its time to apply that same mindset to sales too.

Why am I sharing all of this? Because I want you to believe in you too. Look for Gods little hidden reminders all around you of what you are capable of. I am normally not this open about this kind of stuff, but why not be? If it motivates even one person to take a chance for what God has granted them the ability to do, they just needed to get that belief in themselves then I succeeded with this post.

God gives us all unique strengths and weaknesses, use and embrace all of them. Be you.

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