Do you drink enough water?  I find this is a big problem for many of my clients at the beginning of training with them…. and while some improve right away and see results, others struggle everyday. Just like any other habit if you are not accustomed to drinking water throughout your day you have to work at it. Think about it this way, do you drink soda everyday, or coffee? How long have you been doing that? It is a habit that was built after doing it a series of times. In the same way adding water into your daily “routine” will take time too! Just making small changes here and there can AND WILL make a difference in how you feel and your health! Image

Here are the top 10 reasons (in my opinion) to start drinking that H20!

  1. It is vital to your survival. Yes, you read that right. If you did not EVER have water you would die. Our bodies are made up of 60% water, so without it our bodies internal systems (digestion, circulation, body temperature, absorption, etc) could not function——- so we would not be functioning (aka dead). I don’t sugar coat :).
  2. It is important for muscle performance during and after exercise. Chances are if you are reading this you are at least “thinking” about exercise and making a healthy lifestyle change. In order for your muscles to perform properly they must be hydrated or they and your performance will suffer. You also lose water during exercise (sweat) so it must be replaced, which is why it is recommended that you are drinking before, during, and after exercise.
  3. It helps your skin. Your skin requires water to maintain its suppleness, if you are dehydrated skin will look more wrinkled and dry. (no it will not erase wrinkles, but it can help prevent them in the first place).
  4. Help mood. Some researchers say dehydration can cause moodiness in some. Just like hunger ;). Drink up.
  5. Can prevent hunger. A lot of times when we experience what we think are food cravings, we are actually just thirsty. Rule of thumb, if you feel that way drink a big glass of water, then see if you still feel that way.
  6. Help with digestion and cleanse your body. Our digestive system just like all others require water to function. The more you drink the more efficient it is in cleaning ya out of toxins and other stuff built up inside ya.
  7. Kidney function booster! Our kidneys sift through waste and transport urine to our bladder to be excreted. They need water to function so just like with digestion their process can be improved the more they work.
  8. Fight fatigue. Dehydration can cause you to feel lethargic. Drinking a cold glass of water has been shown to wake you up during your mid afternoon slump. Skip the caffeine and try that instead!
  9. Hangover help! Alcohol acts as a diuretic, causing the body to urinate more than you consume in the amount you drink. Always make sure you are well hydrated before drinking alcohol and try and drink water in between drinks. When you are hungover you are essentially dehydrated and your body’s water needs to be restored to get balanced again.
  10. Health. Think of water as a way to flushing out all the bad toxins, etc we get from our environment and processed foods most people consume. Our bodies are not built to process these pollutants so drinking water can help restore them. Look at other countries where cancer and other major diseases are not as prevalent, they do not have as much processed stuff as we do in the US. But that topic is for another day, just know it relates to this in a way that water CAN HELP!

Hydration is imperative to proper bodily function. One way to help ensure you maintain these levels is not only drinking enough water but also by adding in Hydrate . I use it daily, it tastes great and is ALL natural no artificial crap just the right amounts of vitamins and minerals our bodies need to keep hydration in line.

ID life hydrate

Remember our bodies need to be good on the inside to truly look good on the outside. Nutrition INCLUDING water consumption definitely gets them there.

Bottoms up! ;)

Questions about hydrate or any other ID Life products? Contact me or order directly through here! Remember we are ALL natural and offer one of the only customizable nutrition products out there. Love your body, its the only one you get!