5 Not So "Healthy" Health Foods

New year, new you. You have heard it probably no less than 50x in the past week or so. I know I have said it, and I like it, but at the same time I don’t. That isn't what this post is about though, I can go on about that later. With the new year and so many deciding to go after their fitness and health goals it makes perfect sense for food and beverage companies to really promote and jump on the “healthy” band wagon. Unfortunately, a lot of these foods they are promoting are not so healthy. Just because something says organic, or nutritious, or even healthy does NOT make it so.

I am listing 5 things below that you NEED to pay close attention to if you are buying them!

1. - Granola -


This is one of the worst in my opinion.

You associate granola with healthy, but in all reality most manufactured granola is not. Granola in essence is made up of oats which are high in fiber which is great for you, but if you look at most boxed pre made varieties, they have very little fiber and a ton of sugar. Now natural sugar is not necessarily a bad thing, but too much of a good thing is. 1 cup of granola can easily pack in 600 calories because of all this sugar. So be sure to pay attention to your labels or just make your own!

2. - Salads-


You think you are being healthy because you order a salad when in all reality that salad has more calories, fat and carbs than if you just got that burger….

Seriously, some dressings are just down right terrible! Always always always ask for it on the side or just go with an oil/ vinegar based dressing. Salads CAN be healthy, but you have to know what to look for and what to do when out to eat to make sure they are! Take an Asian chicken salad for example as mentioned here It contains over 1200 calories and over 12g of saturated fat!

3.- Greek yogurt-


First off greek yogurt CAN be good for you just like every other item on this list.

The problem is most people do not want plain greek yogurt, they want the flavored kind. Problem is most are not just sweetened with the fruit alone. The flavored yogurts are PACKED with sugar, increasing the carbohydrates and calories as well as causing you to crave sweet stuff. My rule of thumb if you have already had fruit today, don't eat anything else with it. A great suggestion is to get liquid flavored stevia and add it to plain yogurt, then add in your own things like nuts, etc. You could also add a few pieces of fresh fruit, but be sure to pay attention to your portions. Carbs are not the enemy, but it all depends on your bodies ability to process them and you do not need to get them all from fruit.

4.-Smoothies -


If you can tell a trend here sugar seems to be the culprit. With smoothies, you can again add fresh fruit, other healthy mix ins and get a lot of the nutritents your body needs.

Unfortunately most of the smoothie places you see have servings sizes that equal sugar content of some candy bars. My suggestion is to make your own. You can control what goes in them, therefore making the healthiest choices possible.

5.- Premade protein shakes- I love protein I really do! When trying to lose weight I am always telling clients to up that protein intake.

I even recommend protein shakes, but just like everything else you have to pay attention to the label. I always say to go with powders you mix yourself. Most of the time they do not have the once again SUGAR these pre made drinks do. Many are made with so many additives as well to preserve freshness you might as well once again… eat a candy bar :/.

Here is a great example of one from ID Life : (look at that ingredient label, only 7 ingredients and ALL natural, that is what you need to be looking for).

lIMG_4265 IMG_4485

If you can notice from most of these the common denominator is sugar. Natural sugars are not bad, but you only need so much. I am a firm believer that you should not deprive yourself of food groups because you want to change your lifestyle not just your body weight over night. On the contrary just like anything else, too much of a good thing can be bad. Which is why I will never recommend certain things to my clients, but if they are craving something come up with a creative way to make an alternative healthier option.The best thing you can do is stay away from any processed junk. Stick to the outside aisles at the grocery store. If you have never read my blog about that then please do so by going here.

Food is NOT the enemy, but just assuming something is healthy because some big food manufacturing company said so can be! Look at those labels, that is the most important thing I hope you get from this. If you need help, I can help you! Being a Nutrition Specialist I offer different programs and work with an all natural supplement company ID Life where we offer customizable pharmaceutical grade nutrition, it truly is one of a kind! Contact me healthyfitgirlcfitness@gmail.com for more info!

Order the protein pictured above here.

Stay healthy y'all!