I hate the word resolution, to me that word equates failure. Why? Because no body freaking keeps them!

I am all about goals, I constantly set them for myself, daily and long term. Going into the new year, and all year long for that matter, you should be setting goals for yourself, NOT resolutions. Goals can lead you to success, resolutions often times lead you no where. Why? Because many resolutions are unrealistic.

With goals, you want to achieve something, so you gotta have a plan. If their is a large overall goal you want, you have to set yourself up with smaller ones to achieve along the way.IMG_2588

For example, you want to get out of debt this year, well then you have to make monthly goals to pay off this or make sure you pay that, that may include you NOT buying certain things. It could mean you really start to think about your wants verse needs when it comes to purchases. (I know this first hand! ). You should set weekly goals along with this like do not buy anything I don't need, or do not go out to eat for examples. Then when that week is over and you succeeded you get that feeling of accomplishment. That feeling will make you want it more, the more and more you succeed at these smaller goals the easier it will be to get to that larger one!

You have the ability to conquer anything you want to. It all starts with you acting towards it!

Here are some of my goals for 2015, they involve every area of my life! (and how I plan to achieve some of them):

  • Learn to like running (so I will be setting weekly goals to run x amount of days for x amount time)


  • Reach as many people as I can to help with fitness and health
  • Have someone to kiss next year at midnight. HA, true story though ;)
  • Get out of debt completely (so I fully intend to work my butt off to make as much money as I can so I am completely debt free this time next year)
  • Be more aware when I am with family and friends (meaning putting my phone down)
  • Park my car better so I do not get notes letting me know how great I am at it on a weekly basis. :/  (This is a sad but true statement and I am 100% serious about being better, my biggest problem is I just don't pay attention well enough, so I will be trying to check my parking job EVERY time I park).


Now do I think I will just jump to reach each of these? Heck no, I have to have a plan in place and understand that bumps in the road aka life will happen, but I will be ready for it.

So with all of that said, I hope you are ready to set some big AND small goals for 2015, and keep that tradition going all year, every year. Goals lead to success, work hard and you will get there :)!

Happy 2015!!

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