Peanut butter jar overnight oat amazingness


I have gotten multiple questions about a post I made on Instagram last week about my peanut butter jar overnight oats. So here ya go!If you have not discovered the amazingness of overnight oats you are really missing oat. They are so simple, make mornings easier AND so good! I live off oats in the morning and have for a long time you can make them however you want and well depending on how you make them ha, they are healthy!

So what are overnight oats?

All you do is take you oats, add some water or almond milk, sweetener like stevia, agave, honey, etc. Then add fruit, peanut butter, protein powder or really anything you want! You can either cook them slightly or just mix them up and store as is depending on how you like them, place them in a sealed tight container and put them in the fridge overnight, wake up in the morning and viola!

I normally make mine as follows:

1/3 cup quick oats (I like the texture better, I am weird like that with textures)

A few strawberries

1 tablespoon peanut butter

A few drops of vanilla stevia

I always cook mine, and then put in a container. The next mornings I always top with protein powder that I have mixed with water (like a pudding consistency).

Now PB jar overnight oats are made the same way I just put them in an empty PB jar (that I just finished so it still has a little PB in it) and place in the refrigerator overnight. That PB gets soaked in and just makes it that much better!

TRY it I promise you will not regret it ;). Let me know what you thinK!!