But I thought less calories in meant weight loss?

Who thinks like the title? I know I did at one point just read my older blogs here, and I know plenty who still think this way. Although not completely false to be at a deficit you need to BURN more than you consume... Most of us however don't do it right.

Think of it this way, food is fuel. (One of my favorite phrases 🙌! ) When you work out your body needs that fuel.... For energy and post workout to repair those glycogen stores and help build lean muscle NOT get bulky ladies. With that said you need to eat the right stuff. Just like you wouldn't put crap gasoline in a Lamborghini and expect it to work at full capacity, you shouldn't put crap food in your body and expect you to work right either!

This is where we get it wrong! We eat so much processed junk the calories and carbs/fats we are getting are not getting used properly! The RIGHT carbs and fats can actually help you lose weight! Yes that's right lose! When eaten right, you not only have more energy (from those repaired glycogen stores) to give super intense workouts, but you also improve your metabolism!!

As far as workouts go in my book it's more about quality over quantity. If you only have time to get in a few a week verses 5-6 days a week and you go HaRD in those few times you will still reap the benefits and honestly more so, than just moving around through the motions of workouts almost daily.

Bottom line, your body is a machine and you have the ability to power it the best way possible. The right foods really are that power 😉.

If you need help with making the right food choices email me ️healthyfitgirlcfitness@gmail.com 💪💪!