You have worked hard to get to where you are right now. You have put in hours at the gym, started eating the right things, lost some of those unwanted pounds…. And now the holidays are here and temptation for sweets, drinks, yummy foods arise and you are already stressing!?? Oh hey #strugglecity. That is why I have come up with 5 easy steps to help you not blow all of your hard work over the next month or so!

  • Plan ahead
    • Going to a few parties this week? Or this weekend? Or Thanksgiving? Stay on track the REMAINDER of the week by eating right!
    • Precook some lean proteins. Throw some chicken, ground turkey or any lean meat in a crockpot. This is the easiest go to for those of us who have no time to stand over a stove. Then just portion it out after its cooked and add to salads, pasta, etc through out the week!
    • Buy protein powder for protein shakes. Be sure to look for ones that are not loaded with junk (most of the premade ones at the grocery store are so read those labels! My absolute favorite is ID Life's protein powder because it is all natural and has only 7 ingredients --- find it here :).
    • Aim to drink up EVERY DAY aim for 2-3 liters a day to avoid dehydration when you do have those holiday drinks and keep that metabolism moving.
    • Ad some ID Life Hydrate to it, to help in adding vital nutrients and electrolytes you can lose with alcohol and sugars!
  • Navigate those holiday drinks.
    • Want one of them? Go for it, but then follow it with something lighter, like one mixed with club soda or on the rocks. Or opt for a glass (not bottle) of wine, or LIGHT beer.
    • Follow each drink with a water to keep hydrated and avoid hangovers as well from all that sugar!!
  • Pick your poison (aka desserts/ not healthy stuff) at parties.
    • Want that brownie? Eat it. Want that fried chicken? Eat it. But limit yourself to ONE of the two and try to eat healthier (not creamy sauces, not fried, options) the remainder of the time at the party.
    • Aim to get moving (hard and intense) for at least 45 minutes 3x a week. Whether it be a group fitness class, strength training, or a HIIT type workout be sure to get uncomfortable (yes uncomfortable) that means you are working. (Get comfortable getting uncomfortable = Results! )
    • Put these times ON YOUR SCHEDULE, and think of them as time with your boss. After all your body IS your boss, dont take care of it and you will get less opportunities. Why? Because you wont be at your full potential.
  •  SLEEP
    • Sleep is ESSENTIAL!! It helps regulate your metabolism, your bodily functions, and energy levels stemming mostly from cortisol which is regulated when getting enough sleep.
    • Aim to get 7-8 hours a night!!

ENJOY THE TIME AND MOMENT!! Don’t overstress about this stuff, just do it and instead of focusing on the foods at the parties focus on the times with your friends and family. The holidays are a time to celebrate, and you should! Start with that right mindset and you will be good to go!

If you are looking for a challenge over the holidays come workout with us at CYB Fit Lab and our 30 day challenge starting December 7th in Buckhead! Find out more about schedule, cost, etc here!

If you've got the working out thing down pact but need help with nutrition this month check out my Holiday Nutrition Survival Kit, specifically designed just for YOU. To help YOU navigate the holidays! . Holiday