It's a new month so here is a challenge for YOU👍! But first..... ➡️➡️ I got on the scale for this first time in a long time this morning and was a little shocked 😱😳😱 I haven't weighed as much as it said I did in about 10 years. I am always telling clients to not get on the damn scale, that the number doesn't matter yet here I am not happy with what I see. Then I did my body fat and 👊 bam it's down about 4% from who knows when I did it last 😁🙌. I took this picture today at the gym and I definitely look leaner than I have in a long time, AND I see definition in my arms that's not always been there (I trained legs today btw) 💪. So my point? Using myself as an example; 🙋 if you're working out, lifting decent weight, doing HIIT cardio, and eating pretty good yet the scale has not gone down like you wished it would... Quit whining, keep doing what you're doing and pay attention to how YOU feel. Chances are you're gaining lean muscle (it's denser than fat). My challenge to YOU for the month of November is to not step foot on a scale 🚫👣. See how less stressed you become, it's a #⃣, and it does NOT define you‼️‼️