You are NEVER too old

"I am too old to do that." This statement is one of the absolute biggest load of crap that I hear far too often. To be completely honest is makes me furious when I hear it.

Yes as you age your body will change, but those changes do not mean you just have to get "old" ! It is all up to you how these "changes" affect you. You can settle and accept as you are, or you can strive to make the rest of your life the best of your life. It does not matter WHAT age you are, or what obstacles you have. If there is a will there is a way! We all have things thrown our way that are unfavorable, but its how we handle them that makes the difference.


The photo above is of one my very good friends. She is older than me, not saying by how much but I will say most women her age would tell you their bodies could NEVER look like that. But you know what she has that they don't? Determination, and she believes in herself. She pushes herself, she has bad days, days she doesn't want to work out, days she may eat something bad, but she doesn't beat herself up for it. She has something she wants and she is working for it! Now I am not saying everyone should strive to look to look like for her when they hit 40 or above (and no I am not saying that is old AT ALL), but she is just a prime example of if there is a will there is a way!

First things first:

Do you ever look in the mirror or get in the dressing room and get mad at what you see or what doesn't fit? Do you have high cholesterol or borderline diabetic?

If you said yes to any of those things OR if you have something similar to them that you'd like to change, guess what? You can! There is NO reason you can't try to become healthier or more fit at any age.

Step 1-

Overcome your dumb excuses, they get you no where.

"I can't run like I used to" - then start jogging, or even walking.

Have you read or seen this couples awesome story?


If you haven't then read about them here.

"I can't afford healthy food."  - pretty sure I have seen chicken at Kroger from time to time for $1.99/lb. Buy a lot of chicken to make different meals with, guaranteed it'll go a lot farther than those boxed dinners. Lettuce is cheap, so are most fruits. Won't Walmart beat any competitor? Then do some research, your health is worth it. I spend about $75-$100 a week on food for a week, breaking that down its $10/day. If you eat out every meal I promise you you're spending more than that! (And I eat 5-6x a day).

"But I have arthritis, or any other medical issue" -  Hell, I was diagnosed with RA in 2008 and thought my life was dunzo. I was planning on riding around in a rascal scooter (yes I researched these back then) for the rest of my life at first.... then after having some much needed therapy and wake up discussions with my Dr. and loved ones I realized this was not the case. I did not want to end up like that I was young, hadn't even graduated college yet! So I committed myself to changing. Was it easy? Heck no not at first, I had to push myself. Then after being consistent, slowly but surely things started improving. I was not in as much pain, my outlook on life got better, I was happier, then one thing led to another and remission came.

Step 2:

Decide you WANT this for YOU and those you love. Your health not only affects you but the ones around you too.

Step 3: 

Make a plan. Figure out a way to get to where you want to be. Start small progressing through small things first. Small changes can lead to BIG results over time.

Step 4:

GO AFTER IT! Get started. Let those closest to you know what you are doing so they can hold you accountable. If you fall off track know it is ok and most of all understand that any effort is better than nothing!

My Point?

If there is something you want in life, whether it be with work, relationships, health, fitness , whatever it is YOU CAN work towards it with hopes of seeing it being achieved. I know nothing is guaranteed in life, BUT it is better to try than to do nothing at all right?  You are never too old. All you have to have is a will to want something and be willing to work for it. It may be harder and take longer than you would like, but I assure God would not have given you the desire for something if He did not intend to see it come to pass. He also I promise does NOT want you to live a life of just getting by..... just paying the bills.... being healthy enough... no he gave you your body for a reason, he wants you to use it to honor him and the abilities he gave you! Now do NOT take this out of context, if you can't swim but wish you were an olympic swimmer you may need to rethink that one. BUT if there is something that has been on your heart for a long time, go after it, don't give up hope on it just because you should have done it years ago. If you woke up this morning you still have the ability.


So what are your excuses again?! Go after what you want! Life on earth is short, don't waste it!!