Are you curious? confused? What the heck is Skyfit?!

IMG_0066 Skyfit is an awesome new fitness concept that EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE should try!

Is your cardio routine getting boring? Do you find yourself only half a**ing your attempts? Do you hate running? Do you like spin classes but cannot afford to join an expensive studio? Do you want to burn fat and lose weight? If you answered yes to any of those then you DEFINITELY should try it out!

SO WHAT IS IT? It is a cardio based (treadmill, elliptical or outdoor run) LIVE training class. Each is approximately 30 minutes, set to an awesome playlist with either myself, Marq Brown, Rochelle Moncourtois, or Dolvett Quince instructing you LIVE the entire time! Each one is different.

How do you do it? Download the app here,  then look for a LIVE class time that fits your time schedule. Then at your set class time, get on the treadmill, elliptical or get outside put on your headphones and get ready to work!

Is there a commitment? Nope! Purchase one class at a time!

How can I get more info? Email any of us

When do classes start? They are going on NOW! Download the app today and get started!!