Setting Realistic, Attainable Goals to Get to the Big Ones!


IMG_0023 Goals are awesome, without them what are we really working toward each and every day? Without them we would all just be working the first job we ever took, being satisfied with our so so health, settling for the first relationship we ever got in, not really caring or working towards more. We weren't given a chance on earth to just "get by" or be "satisfied". Which is why there are such things as goals.

When we set goals, we get excited, we see a future with new possibilities. It is great to be excited, but how come so many of us stop working towards something, or never reach these goals we set for ourselves? Just think of New Years Resolutions, how many of those actually get achieved? Why is that so? Are you someone who has set a goal for themselves at one point only to give up at some point because it seemed to far out of reach and never try again? I have a feeling most of you will think yes, I know I have in the past. But why is that? Well maybe we should start by looking at the goal itself......

Lets use this example (since it is what I am familiar with ;) ):

You want to lose weight, lets say you had a baby, gained about 30 lbs, you have now had the baby but still have that 30 lbs to lose. So you decide that you are going to start working out and eating right, you may even hire a trainer. You come up with a plan, to lose 15 lbs in the first month. should be achievable with working out and eating right everyday..... You are so excited during the first week or two!! You get in all your workouts, are eating right, then you get sick.... you can't workout for a week, you get better and try to get back into your routine in the gym and with food, but your motivation is not quite as high as it was before. You get in most of your workouts but then you weigh yourself... and you have only lost 5 lbs. You are so frustrated, the following week you only workout two times and nutrition is so so. After month two you are still only down 7 lbs total, and to think you thought you could lose 15 in a month! Now you just give up and start thinking that maybe you are just going to have to live with this weight. Most women never lose their baby weight anyway......

Is this you? Or have you ever been down a similar road? Maybe you just couldn't finish some of the workouts because they were harder than you thought. Or maybe the scale wasn't quite where you intended it to be. Well what should you do to make sure this is NOT you? Set realistic goals!

How to set realistic goals:

  • 1. First off with the example of losing weight, make goals for smaller time frames. Maybe the first week set a goal of get all the workouts in, and eat right. After you do that celebrate it! Then for week two, maybe add an extra cardio session, week 2 is done boom! Celebrate that! Focus on the small things NOT the overall picture of losing X amount of weight. The small goals achieved lead up to the big one!
  • 2. Know your abilities. If you have never been a runner but have decided to train for a marathon do NOT go out and try to run a marathon on day 1. Do you think those who run marathons did that when they started training? Heck no! They  start small, maybe a few miles, or maybe even 1, then add on and on as they get better. If they fall off track they just jump right back in where they left off. Any athlete must have this mentality as they all start from somewhere just like you!
  • 3. Don't become so overly focused on your goal you lose touch with those around you. This will only lead to frustration down the road. You should set goals that allow you to gain support from your closest friends and family. You do not want to lose touch with loved ones in the process and end up alienated then give up before ever achieving it because of this.
  • 4. Find an accountability partner. If you have someone to workout with, to go through this with whether they are doing it with you or helping you get there it will help! Trainers, coaches, mentors, etc are all great examples!
  • 5. Understand that life happens. You may fall off course for a week or maybe longer, that is OK! Just jump right back in where you left off. Yes it could be frustrating but do not just give up because of it! This is why I make all my clients commit to ATLEAST 3 months with me. We are human things can throw us off course and you have to be patient to see progress.
  • 6. Stop trying to be perfect. You NEVER will be!! Unfortunately this is a sad truth many of us have to accept! One of my favorite sayings Progress > Perfection :)

Setting goals using this advice will only help you achieve the big things you want in your life! So know where to start, have the big goal always on the horizon but keep your perspective and focus on the smaller things it can take to get there.... and celebrate those! Then when you get to your overall goal it will be that much more rewarding!!

Let me know how you do! :)

And always if you are looking to really get started and have someone to help you get there I would love to help! Contact me via my website for training in the Atlanta area, online based or supplementation and nutrition help with ID Life!