Finding those abs, 5 Things you NEED to do.

We all yes ALL have abs. Just have to do some work to find them sometimes... Mine had decided to go into hiding the past few weeks. Was I being unhealthy? Not to most but I wasn't eating the best I could be. More protein bars/ shakes, more yogurts/dairy, and condiments, but still lean proteins! My water intake was not as much as it should be either. Last week though I found out I have a photo shoot next weekend so I knew I had to clean it up! First off let me say the things I listed above affect MY body personally all of our bodies are different, what may affect me may not affect you and vice versa it's a trial and error process.

So what did I do and what does EVERYONE need to find those abs of ours?

1. Eat right, meaning less processed more whole foods, and WATER!! - yes abs are essentially made in the kitchen but ya still gotta put in work too keep reading ;) . 2. Weighted ab work. Crunches for days won't do a thing. Just like any other muscle group they have to be built to get bigger. This means adding weight. Just be sure ladies avoid weighted oblique work as it can make you bulkier. 3. Cardio. Yes cardio. Hiit cardio blasts the most fat, but cardio none the less to get that heart rate up and burn fat and calories to get the weight off! 4. Sleep. Yep it's just as important as everything else for hormonal balance which if off can cause (especially women) to retain water and weight around their midsection even when doing everything else listed. 5. Stretch. Tight hip flexors resulting in having your pelvis tilt can cause a "lower ab pooch" . If you sit a lot during the day , workout, run, etc and don't stretch chances are your hip flexors are tight. Start stretching those bad boys and everything else for that matter!

So in short practice CONSISTENCY with these 5 things and have PATIENCE and you WILL see those abs of yours :).

Certain supplements can help too, ID Life lean and hydrate are too great options to help 1. preserve muscle and 2. to keep that body hydrated! BUT DO NOT think these are magic and by taking them and eliminating all other factors you will get abs. Supplementation is just that, SUPPLEMENTING a good diet and hard work :).

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