Are you addicted?

Addiction: (Merriam- Webster Dictionary definition)Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 10.14.34 AM


Does the above definition ever apply to how you feel about a certain food, or foods for that matter?

You are probably saying no, like most people would. The word harmful definitely does not apply to food, you can even see it states "such as a drug" or "gamble"...... well guess what.....

Food can absolutely 100% be an addiction. When you go to something as "comfort" , when you find yourself thinking about that piece of cake to the point of ending up binging on a whole cake.... that is a problem. Just as someone would pop pills to "calm down" is. Food can have the same effect on some people.

Addiction and weight loss:

Applying this concept when someone is trying to lose weight can be a huge battle and/or eye opener. Just as someone who is battling a drug addiction has to want to be helped, someone with a food addiction has to be ready as well. When trying to lose weight some can bust their butt in workouts, possibly hire a trainer, but their eating habits do not really change. They end up getting frustrated not understanding why the weight is not coming off. They might possibly even think they are making healthier choices, BUT if they are presented with cupcakes at work, or pizza a few nights a week and they only have 1 slice or 1 cupcake they can do what I like to call "intentional mind blocking " where they just override that it even happened because they had a salad that day too, or something like that. The thing is though, those occasional things add up.

Wanting change:

When you are really trying to lose weight, if you have a lot of weight to lose you have to really intentionally not have those things. Start a day at at time, then after 3 weeks of not having something you won't crave it anymore. But like I mentioned before you have to be READY to change. No one can do it for you.

Do not be embarrassed if you may be someone who lets food control them, we ALL have vices. I suffered from a food addiction in the opposite way for years, obsessively not allowing myself to eat over a certain amount of calories and it hurt my thyroid as a result. Do not let that be you either! I could not get help until I was ready though, and when I finally did everything changed.... for the better!

Being healthy, finding your best you does NOT mean being perfect so do not beat yourself up if you fall off track one day or make a mistake. It means making the right choices to lead to a better lifestyle in every area of life. You CAN do it! I BELIEVE in you and YOU should too!

Here is a little something I find extremely helpful. Cravings happen, just know what to choose instead of that cupcake, or candy bar!