Booty workout on vaca :)

Still gotta get it in even on vacation!  Luckily my amazing hotel has one of the nicest gyms I have come across. image

Here's what I did today:

Dumbbell dead lift 4 X 12 Superset with sumo squats heels up 4x 15

Single leg dead lifts with cable 4 X 15 superset with cable squats with row 4 X 15 superset with hip raises on stability ball with 3 second pause at top 4 X 15

Abs: (do 4x through) Crunches with 8lb medicine ball 20 reps Oblique twists with medicine ball 25 reps Lower ab knee drop with hands on medicine ball 30 reps

20 minutes on arc trainer increasing resistance and incline every few minutes