Consistency, persistance, determination.... is key!

2014-05-08 12.39.07

We all want overnight results, but lets be real, not gonna happen... no matter who you are!

I started training pretty hard about 5 years ago, some people know my story, most don't. Partly was due to my Doctor telling me to because of my Rheumatoid Arthritis, and by the way he had been for a while, and I had been working out for a while already, but not to really try to "transform" my body or build it better yet. The other part was because I had gone through a bad breakup. One that literally took me by surprise with no explanation... still to this day. More often than not hard times put us in the gym, and thankfully it did for me, and it helped play a role in who I am today. I credit my RA (which is now in remission) to really making me "me", because it got me to be aware of being healthier and working out, but the breakup got me to work hard... I wanted change!

I started training but had no real idea what I was doing, I would do the same workouts over... and over. I worked with a trainer every so often when he was not busy, because I was lucky enough to find one at the gym I worked out at that wouldn't make me pay... and we are still friends to this day :). I was skinny... way skinny, and wanted muscle, not to get "bulky" but have curves. I LOVED Oxygen magazine and the women's bodies in it and wanted that, well those bodies do NOT come overnight. I still didn't quite grasp that, but was determined. Long story short, I trained but plateaued like most people do. It wasn't until I started researching training, and fell in love (with it), that the rest became history. It led me to get my PT cert, quit my Finance/legal job, and bam here I am! Well... there was a lot in between those years but still you get my point!

I digress... point being, I started lifting heavy years ago, and I am just now seeing improvements I really truly am happy with.                                                                            ImageThis picture was a few days ago, and I see a not flat backside anymore (yes its small but still, progress= progress)... without posing, that is the point, believe me I could make it look bigger moving my hips and feet a certain way!


It is because I see clients struggle with this day to day, they want instant results. Yes after a few weeks if you are doing everything right you should see some improvement, but to think your body is going to be different in such a short period of time is not realistic. I am all about believing and pushing yourself to greatness, going after what you want, but some things you have to be real with yourself about and change is one of them. Every single person's body is different. You have to know your body type, and learn how it responds to things to see the change you want... and it still takes time AND patience!

3 Main Body Types:

  • Ectomorph:  (like me), characteristics include ---lean frames, "hardgainers", have faster metabolisms (not a lot of cardio needed), longer rest periods, more food is needed.
  • Mesomorph: Naturally athletic physique, easier to gain muscle, strong, gains fat more easily than ectomorphs, they have to watch their calorie intake more closely and need a combination of weights AND cardio where as Ecto's need more weights.
  • Endomorphs: generally more soft and round or stocky physique, shorter, hard time losing fat, slower metabolism, need more cardio and to watch caloric intake.

Now you more than likely are not 100% either of those but a combination, most people are. The key is to determine how your body responds to all training (meaning nutrition and workouts (strength and cardio) ) to truly be able to find the plan of action that works best for you. Again something that takes time!

If you are frustrated with where you are stop and look at how you are training:

  1. If you are skinny, lift weights and do longer rest periods, not much cardio, and eat more (talking lean proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats, etc NOT JUNK!) most people in this category do not eat enough!
  2. If you have always naturally been able to gain muscle but still find fat you want to lose, add more HIIT cardio, if you need more advice on this reference my blog on HIIT.  Watch what you are eating, reduce even healthy fat intake and complex carbs (somewhat) and see what happens after doing this for a few weeks.
  3. If you have an ample amount of fat to lose, start with looking at your diet. Write it down daily, what are you eating? I guarantee there is more stuff you are not aware of, pay attention to portions especially! Add weights and cardio to your routine (weights will burn more calories later on). Change your diet to include mostly lean proteins, complex carbs (bigger portions in the morning) and veggies later in the day, and again watch healthy fat intake. Do this for a few weeks and see what happens.
  4. Drink more water
  5. Be consistent with all of this for 4 weeks, then reevaluate
  6. Do NOT weigh yourself daily... if you do I will personally hunt you down and make you do 500 burpees (ok maybe not but still just don't)
  7. Find motivation
  8. repeat daily :)

I hope this helps, keep at it, don't give up! Time is everything :)