Splenda.... just stop


Do you use this stuff? I can promise you I did for a LONG time. I have a VERY big sweet tooth… and I LOVE coffee, have I mentioned that before? Oh… well in case you are living under a rock and did not know my addiction to Starbucks you do now. Back to my point, I used to use this all the time. Then I realized/ read up on it and I try to never touch it anymore. I have to tell you, I am not as hungry as I used to be, I am never bloated, and I overall feel better. Now sometimes I do get the occasional “sugar free” thing here and there and it really does amaze me that after the fact I am bloated, and I find myself hungrier than normal!

So whether or not you want to believe me or not, do yourself a favor and just google Splenda adverse side effects and then tell me if you want to continue using it.

Use Stevia, all of ID Life products contain Stevia unlike many other supplements on the market. Check them out and there other all natural ingredients here :)


Candice Cunningham ACE CPT

www.candicejcunningham.com @CandiceCFitness