STARTING OVER.... Do you find yourself here often?

Image  Do you find yourself starting over frequently with things? Meaning, do you find yourself going all out with a new goal… for the first few weeks…. then BAM next thing you know you are back at square one wondering how you got there when you were doing so good not long ago? Well you are definitely not alone as I am pretty sure EVERYONE at some point in their life has struggled with keeping up with their original good intentions. Last weekend my church’s Senior Pastor Andy Stanley started a new series called Starting Over which is partially responsible for inspiring this post. He gave some good points that I felt can help not only in all areas of life but especially in the area of weight loss and trying and failing, and trying again as many people do. You have to look more at the inside, meaning YOU, YOUR thoughts, YOUR actions, to really see why it has not been successful in the past and to be sure you do not make the same mistakes in the future.

I have said before how much the mental aspect of adapting to a healthy lifestyle (for life) is just as if not more so important than the physical. The person or (you and I) have to really want it, we have to be willing to sacrifice certain things to get what we want. To truly adapt a lifestyle you have to make small changes and be patient, you have to be ok with messing up every once in a while but knowing you CAN get right back on track where you left off. If you mess up your diet one day or miss a workout it is NOT the end of the world!! Do you think the most fit people in the world do not ever miss a workout or eat a cookie?!? Come on get real! You KNOW they do! They just know how to pick right back up where they left off afterwards.

If you want to to truly change, and you have ended up at square one before wondering how you got there, you need to take TIME. Yes TIME, First off, stop and reflect and think about what happened last time. I know I say a lot do not dig into the past but this time it is important…. for this reason. You need to see what you did before, did you beat yourself up because you went out with the girls and had Mexican and margaritas one night when you were supposed to be “dieting”? Did you try to start over because you thought you “learned” from the last time and you will NEVER go out to eat Mexican again? Only to still find yourself back at square one a few weeks later? (btw, If you plan on restricting yourself in that way from anything for the rest of your life that is whole other box of worms we can discuss later. It is about creating a LIVABLE LIFESTYLE (aka BALANCE) ). Do you find that you blamed outside circumstances for your falling off track? For example, I traveled so much with work that month, my kid got sick, I had this or that going on etc. We all have unexpected things happen in life, the key to staying on track is knowing that if you fall off briefly you can get right back on! (oh hey mental aspect again ;) ).

I digress, so back to the point of TIME. The other part of it, is understanding that TIME is YOUR friend. Do not expect changes over night. The key is to try and make small sustainable permanent changes over (here is that word again) TIME. Consistency or repeated good behaviors is key. Think about it, how long did it take you to get to the size or place you are now? Do you think you are going to lose all that weight over night? Um no.



So what do I want you to take from this? I want you to know a few things:


  1. "Experience does not make you wiser." - Andy Stanley. Meaning just thinking you will do better does not mean you will. You have to truly want it, and by doing so go about the right way knowing TIME is your friend and consistency is key (and it is ok if you mess up, just jump right back in!)
  2. Do not blame your circumstances this time, blame you. YOU are the common denominator. Know that every person has made a mistake, don’t pledge yourself to doing something so extreme (going in full throttle, leaving no room for error) that you are bound to mess up.
  3. Do not rush into change. Starting with a trainer is a good step, taking your lunch versus eating out, when eating out only stick to grilled options and getting dressing on the side is another, putting workouts during the week on your schedule like meetings, running 3 or 4 days a week, etc. All of these are good sustainable DOABLE changes that will only lead to even more once you make them part of your LIFE and routine :).
  4. Be patient. Work on that. I know I get reminded daily of how I need to!
  5. And last but not least, LOVE YOURSELF. Be proud that you are making an effort and celebrate your little victories!!

You can do anything you put your mind to, even if it is your 30th time attempting something know the right way to go about it. Small permanent changes and realizing you not someone else is the reason is a first step in the right direction.