Healthy Travel Tips for all ages!

Blog staying fit while travelingImageHealthy Traveling TipsWith warm weather upon us, traveling is on everyones mind. Don’t ruin your hard work to get swimsuit ready with these tips for you, your friends and your family! By Candice Cunningham and Kendra Thorton

Warm weather is upon us (soon we promise), whether you are single traveling with friends or taking a family vacation; we are giving you two perspectives to see how you can stay on your A game and not ruin all your handwork while you are on the road! You can take a little from both regardless of where you are in life :)

Singles Healthy Travel Guide I do not know about you but everyone around me seems to be dreaming of beaches and bikini’s and traveling to places to relax and enjoy some much needed “off” time. It always seems to start the second the first hint of spring hits. Gyms get packed, those who had already given up on their New Years resolutions seem to be jumping back on it, everyone trying their hardest to get beach body ready as soon as possible! Getting ready for these anticipated trips is great, BUT what about once you go on them? What do you do to be sure you can have fun, enjoy your friends and family, but not throw all your hard work out the window?!

Plan ahead When you are packing your clothes, toiletries, etc, pack some healthy snacks too! Some of the things I always take are protein powder, nuts (like almonds or cashews), trail mix, energy/protein bars, apples, bananas, and oranges. Yes you can buy some of these things on the road but pre packing them prevents you being tempted to grab cookies or something else when you stop.

Drink up! (yes alcohol if you are of age is fine in moderation in my book) but I am talking about water! If you are traveling to hot or humid places this is especially important. Dehydration can cause you to feel hungry when you are actually only thirsty. If you have eaten recently, and all of sudden you feel hungry again, drink a glass of water. If you still feel hungry after that then eat a light snack. Another tip is to drink a full glass of water before big meals, this will help you eat less as well. Aim to drink at least 6 8oz glasses a day. Take some ID Life Hydrate with you too! Add some in your water for a quick and easy way to get all those electrolytes and other nutrients in that you lose when you sweat in the heat!

Choose the right stuff (MOST) of the time when eating out. I am not about to tell you to not eat out while on a vacation, you earned this vacation so you should be able to enjoy meals out! It just depends on what you choose while you are out. Order salads with protein and dressing ON THE SIDE. Order grilled proteins with light, or no creamy sauces and stick to steamed veggies or a potato with salsa versus sour cream and butter. I would save a few meals to be splurges where you can eat whatever you want.

Alcohol. When drinking, stick to lighter options like light beers, Michelob Ultra is one of the best in my opinion when it comes to beer. Wines (just not a whole bottle) are good, and for fruity drinks and cocktails if they have a light version order that, if not stick to just one and then switch to something like vodka soda. This will also help prevent horrific hangovers as sugar in these drinks can dehydrate you faster.

GET MOVING. What better way to get some time with friends or even try something new? Go for a hike, or walk on the beach, go zip lining or ride bikes together around town, play volleyball, etc. Just get out there and have some fun! There are so many ways to be active, get creative! If you are at a location that has a gym, try to get in some YOU time and get in there a few times. Think of it as a benefit to YOU! You get one body and you have tried so hard to take care of it, taking some time out even on vacation to take care of it more is a GOOD thing!


Sleep in, be lazy some of the time. Do not over plan every second of your trip so you are stressed out trying to get from one place to the next. Enjoy this time off. You earned it :).

- Candice Cunningham @CandiceCFitness

Family Travel Tips!

There’s always some kind of temptation that completely ruins my healthy diet and makes it easy to over-indulge while taking a break from the real world. That's why I have come up with a few tricks for myself to making my diet and exercise plan still work while I am away with my family. It also gives them a reason to stay fit as well.

Bring Water There have been so many times on the road when my family has just stopped at a gas station and picked up all of the wrong kinds of drinks. Whether it's energy drinks or soft drinks, they're not good for your body and energy. I always pack water now so that I can keep my family hydrated and stay away from wasting time and money on stops for sugary drinks. It even helps my kids to feel better when we're on longer road trips as soda can really make your stomach hurt.

Trick to Stop Eating at the Buffet I never tell myself that I can't have something when my family goes out to a gourmet restaurant or really rich buffet. However, there's a difference between eating all you can and just eating what you want. I typically go up once and find some healthy items with a few things that I just have to try. I never get too many of the really rich foods, and I always look for healthy vegetable dishes the next day to balance out my bad eating the night before. It has really helped me to keep my calorie count down.

Find Active Things to Do There's always a game to play with kids at the pool or a park to explore when you're on vacation. My favorite memories are taking my kids to parks while on vacation and looking for some new adventures. I always like to play some fun games or plan some kind of sports adventure. There are a lot of towns with city centers that have tennis courts or volleyball courts that make it a fun afternoon activity.

Go Swimming The best activity you can do while on vacation is to swim. There are a lot of different activities like scuba diving or rowboats. There are also boogie boarding or even just swimming laps in the pool. Water polo is a great game to play with the kids at the hotel pool.

These are some tips and tricks that my family uses when on vacation and will be doing so on our upcoming trip to Orlando. With so many hotels in Orlando, finding the right hotel, with a quality gym can be at times, difficult. Sites like Gogobot make the process a little easier to find the perfect place for you and your family. - Kendra Thorton @KendraThorton