Brussel sprouts Eat Eat Eat

So why should you eat Brussel Sprouts?! 

I love these guys, I roast them and throw some sea salt and garlic or pepper or some Salt free Ms. Dash on them and they are soooo good. Well not only do they taste good, but they also have a TON Of benefits to your health!

Here are a few :) 

  • Belongs to the cabbage family which is known for its disease fighting capabilities! 
  • Help lower cholesterol
  • High in fiber, high in protein, low in fat and low in calories
  • They are a high protein veggie, but they are not a complete protein meaning they do not contain a full amino acid profile. If you eat them along side whole grains though they can be :). Skip that fatty meat and chow down (if you wish ;) )
  • High in vitamin A, calcium, folacin and potassium
  • Filled with possible anti cancer fighting agents :
  • Sulforophane- a chemical that is thought to contain anti cancer properties. It (sulforophane) has been is said to be so through numerous different researches that have linked it to fighting cancer.
  • Contains Vitamin C (which has been linked to fighting cancer as well)

SO I would suggest you EAT up, and frequently! It amazes me the capabilities certain foods have to help fight disease. It is why I am such a big advocate on eating for your body, the right foods can make HUGE differences AND save you money (on medical bills! ). I am proof.... with my Rheumatoid Arthritis, if you ever have any questions regarding food choices please do NOT hesitate to contact me. Go to my contact me page for ways to do so :). Image