Controlling your portions


When it comes to eating right, even too much healthy food can be a bad thing. You have to monitor portions in every meal in order to not over indulge and ruin all your progress you have made in the gym or with your trainer, or where ever!

You can think you are eating right and healthy but if you are eating the equivalent to 2 cups of rice, when you should only be eating no more than 1 cup, do that a few times a week… that adds up! For example 1 cup of brown rice's nutritional breakdown is as follows : 36 g carbs, 4g of protein, and 1.5 g of fat. If you double that is 72g of carbs, 8g of protein, and 1.5g of fat. If you are the average woman trying to lose weight, 72g of carbs could very easily be over ½ of what your DAILY carb intake should be.. and that is just 1 meal. If you are having brown rice more than once a day and doing that then having oats, sweet potatoes, anything else you could REALLY be throwing off your weight loss goals!! That is why measuring food and portion control is SO important! Hopefully some of my tips below will help!

  • Buy a food scale for when you are prepping food. When you have the option to eat at home and prepare your meal, MEASURE it. Lean proteins for women should be about 4 oz, granted once again this can VARY woman to woman depending on your goals. (Be sure to stay tuned for a blog in reference to this issue ;) ). For mean anywhere from 5-8 oz again depending on the man and his goals. If he is gaining, or has much more muscle mass than another he is going to need MUCH more than a thinner framed guy. Regardless measure your lean proteins!
  • This chart breaks down some good recommendations if you are out and do not have access to measuring utensils for veggies/carbs/healthy fats J
  • Drink water before meals
    • If you are eating something packaged, like rice, or oats, or almonds. Be sure to pay attention. Trail mix is a killer. Eat a whole pack of that you probably just ate most of your calories and fats for the day. A little bit goes a LONG way ;) !!


I hope this helps!! Let me know some feedback!