You make the time…


As a trainer, one of the many excuses or sorry "things" I hear most frequently from clients is that they do not have the time do something. We all live busy lives, believe me I get that, I wish I had about 10 more hours in a day sometimes. My point though, is when you really want something in life, you make time for it.

Someone who shall remain nameless records television shows on the DVR weekly because some come on late, or at the same time as other ones they like. So most mornings before work they will sit down and watch one of these shows while drinking coffee and eating breakfast…. They make the time to watch these shows because they want to (even though this drives me nuts ;) ).

Most people schedule time during the day to attend meetings at work, to allow x amount of time to get to work, to eat, to workout J , spend time with family or friends etc. Every person's days and weeks are different. When it comes to weight loss, or trying to get your ideal healthy body (physically) one of the most important factors is what you put into it…. Aka FOOD! When trying to lose weight, yes you can cut calories and basically eat whatever and lose weight in the beginning but for sustained weight loss and health in the long run you need to eat the right stuff. This can be hard for most people as our lives tend to be so busy. My biggest suggestion to getting nutrition under control is to prep food weekly, or every few days. When I suggest this to most clients they look at me like I have lost my mind, then excuses start coming. I then ask them if they watch certain tv shows (reference above mention), if they get on facebook, talk on the phone or text every night, play video games or games on their phone, etc. Most say yes…. My response, "well if it is important to you, like those things, then you will make the time." I sometimes get another look or eye roll ;).

But it is the truth! If you really want to succeed in your healthy life, you gotta take the time to plan a little bit. Take an hour or so on Sundays or whatever day is best for you, it WILL pay off!

Here are some of my tips to make it easy:

  • Buy in bulk---- cook in bulk (and freeze)
    • This is what I do, I buy a lot of chicken or whatever lean proteins I feel like eating that week. Bake them, then keep some in the fridge and freeze the rest until it is time for me to eat it later that week. It lasts I promise!
      • Here is a big thing of chicken breast I cook every week. Topped with Ms. Dash Salt Free seasoning
  • Use your crockpot
    • Most people own one, if you don't they are not very expensive. Throw some chicken in there with some veggies and spices in the morning, go about your day, then viola cooked protein that night. Separate it out like I mentioned above, and you're good for the week.
  • Buy different veggies
    • You can steam em, eat em raw (those are the best ways 2 health wise). Or bake or cook them on the stove, whatever you do switch it up and add to different dishes through out the week.
  • Make muffins
    • No not your grandmas blueberry muffins, but you would be amazed at the different concoctions you can come up with for protein. Yup PROTEIN!
      • Some examples:
        • Turkey muffins--- mix lean ground turkey with onion, peppers, spices, whatever veggies you want. Spray a muffin pan, distribute into pan evenly and bake. Viola easy peasy!
        • Egg muffins---- yep, eggs, use egg whites, and veggies, and spices and bake! Just like mini quiches (and an easy breakfast!)
        • Egg and bacon muffins---- use lean turkey bacon of course, spray muffin tin, place a piece of bacon around each muffin cup, then fill with egg whites. Again easy breakfast!
    • Get creative!!
  • Buy a cooler
    • If you are on the road a lot, you need one. Buy a decent one that you can keep a few meals in during the day. Then you have zero excuse for not staying on track!
  • Make your own protein bars
    • Use protein powder, oats, peanut butter, nuts, whatever, mix it up, throw it in a baking dish and either freeze or bake then cut up!
      • I promise they will be healthier than ones you buy
  • And last but not least PLAN ahead!
    • Sit down when you make your grocery list for the week and come up with a few different meal options to have on the go during that week. Cook your food, then go ahead and make those meals for the next few days. Throw them in the fridge in containers then just grab and go in the morning!


I am not kidding when I say all of this can be done in an hour or so during the week. If you have kids, let them help prep (family time J). I have done it for years and it is the ONLY way I can stay on track. If I don't, then I am grabbing whatever crap I can find while on the road during the day since my job has me in my car a lot! Of course this does NOT have to mean you can never eat a meal out, but if you stick to a plan and eat good wholesome foods that nourish your body 85- 90% of the time, then those bad treats here and there will NOT harm you. But keep you sane J.


Hope this helps!