Apple Cider Vinegar… Add it to your diet, NOW


Apple Cider Vinegar…………….

if you haven't heard of its numerous benefits and/or tried it, I suggest you start today. You do not need much to see its benefits pour into your health.

For starters, yes I know it stinks, and DOES NOT taste good, not about to sugar coat, but come on it's a vinegar so we all know they are not meant to. But sucking it up and having just a few tsp's diluted in water or juice daily can really help many with certain ailments!

Here are a few key benefits: (please note it must be RAW ACV, I recommend Braggs)


    • ACV contains pectin which helps line and soothe the colon and intestine
    • When sipped 30 minutes prior to meals that can upset your stomach, it can actually help prevent indigestion (studies show).
    • Many say it can be gargled to help with sore throats at their onset
    • It has actually been proven to help lessen swelling in feet and ankles when small amounts are rubbed on skin during pregnancy
    • Great skin toner (use a small amount)
      • and helps those with psoriasis
      • Taking a teaspoon full can stop hiccups right when they start!
        • (probably because it tastes disgusting) (IMO) ;)
        • Can help fight fatigue!
          • Wait what? When you are stressed or have overworked yourself lactic acid builds up in the body and can cause fatigue. The Amino Acids in Apple Cider Vinegar can actually act as an antidote AND it contains potassium which can help with fighting fatigue!

Now I am honest when I say its gross tasting, but it IS worth it! Try a little bit and always dilute it and reap the benefits!

Happy Sipping ;)