Why you SHOULD eat Avocados!!


Over the years, any food with the word "fat" seemed to be one you should avoid. WRONG. Our bodies NEED and use certain "healthy" fats to work effectively, to help prevent disease, and actually BURN fat! Avocados are one of these foods that contain healthy fats and are actually good for us. Avocados contain:

  • Monounsaturated fats. These fats help improve our blood cholesterol levels and can help with blood sugar control and insulin levels. Type 2 diabetics are sometimes encouraged to eat these fats… yep encouraged!

  • Fiber, helps keep you fuller longer! Also aids in digestion.

  • Folate- B vitamins, help with energy and even some birth defects

  • Oleic Acid has been shown to help fight inflammation

  • Anti-inflammatory properties- these come from phytosterols which account for most of the Avocado's fat. They are key supporters in helping control inflammation in the body. Great for those with arthritis… like me

  • They contain carotenoids- antioxidants that help protect your body from cancer and heart disease

  • They also have numerous complexion benefits and can be used for DIY masks, etc.

  • They make avocado toast and guacamole….. I mean duh :)

When you add avocados to salads, salsa, etc they can actually help the absorption of many of the antioxidants and vitamins. So eat up! But as with any food, be sure to watch your portions as too much of a good thing can add up…. And pack on the pounds.