Working out and Pregnancy and why you SHOULD :)


Pregnancy can be an amazing time in a woman's life. The changes the body goes through are incredible and should not be taken for granted.

As long as the woman is healthy and not advised to not workout or be active, she should be! There are numerous advantages to being active while pregnant. You should take precautions as certain things are not advisable during the different stages of pregnancy, but even a workout that would seem effortless when not pregnant can be beneficial to the women during those 9 months.

Here are some of my top reasons to have a "fit" pregnancy J :

  • One of the top reasons most women do is because it makes it MUCH easier to bounce back POST baby. If you are active and living that lifestyle pre baby and during your pregnancy it will be much easier to bounce back when you are ready. It will prevent you from gaining an excessive amount of weight during the pregnancy leading to less to lose post baby J.
  • You can have increased energy levels. Just like exercising when not preggo, exercise releases endorphins which can make you feel better #1, and #2 being active leads to having more energy, which can help you throughout your normal tasks of the day.
  • Many women have issues sleeping during pregnancy, when staying active during the day you can be more likely to fall asleep at night, and rest better!
  • The increased blood flow from movement can help decrease leg swelling which many women complain of.
  • You can lower your gestational diabetes risk by up to 27%
  • When carrying a baby (aka extra weight) around your mid section this can lead to lower back pain, there have been numerous studies done proving that exercise during the 2nd half of pregnancy can help eliminate some of that!
  • While, preggo Relaxin ( a hormone that is released to loosen the pelvic joint for child birth), this not only loosens the pelvis but also other joints in the body. Hello best flexibility of your life! Take advantage of prenatal yoga classes and safe stretches you can do during this time!
  • One of my favorite stats :
    • Research has shown that regular exercisers are 75% less likely to need a forceps delivery, 55% less likely to have a episiotomy and 4x less likely to have to have a Cesarean section!
  • CONFIDENCE!! No woman feels great about herself when gaining x amount of lbs, even if it is from the wonderful gift of a child. Working out and knowing you are still taking care of yourself will help build that confidence so you can feel good about yourself during your pregnancy!

So overall as long as you are not advised not to, working out and doing appropriate exercises during pregnancy can be very beneficial. So don't use it as an excuse to "let yourself go" . Staying healthy will pay off not only during those 9 months but much longer down the road as well!