15 Reasons Women you need to face the “manzone” at the gym!



Most women's workout routine when at the gym goes like this…..Stretch, elliptical or treadmill for 30 or so minutes, maybe do a few light weight high rep circuits on machines, do 20 minutes of abs, stretch, done. Repeat next time in gym. Sound like you? If it does, while it is good you are getting in the gym and yes you are burning some calories and possibly the dessert or Starbucks 600 calorie Frappuccino you had that morning, in the long run you are doing absolutely nothing to transform your body. If you really want results of feeling toned, losing body fat and keeping it off, along with changing up your diet you need to start lifting tough weight.

Here are 15 reasons WHY you should venture over to the big boys ;)

  1. Burn more fat
    1. When you lift heavy weight you are creating tiny muscle tears in the muscle your metabolic rate increases to repair these tears resulting in more body fat being burned for a longer period of time POST workout. That endless cardio you do only burns fat for a short period of time, why not do something that benefits you long after the gym?
  2. Better muscle definition
    1. No I am not saying Hulk muscles, but you will have a more toned look, have better looking curves (no muffin top, but toned glutes, legs, arms, abs, I mean hello? Why wouldn't you want that?)
  3. Firmer skin
    1. Piece out cellulite. No really, build up that muscle, your skin is tighter causing cellulite to diminish. A lot cheaper than stupid creams, not to mention this actually works J.
  4. Fight gravity
    1. Reference above, enough said.
  5. Increased strength
    1. Helps with everyday stuff and athletic performance (if you are trying to improve that)
  6. Better coordination
    1. Muscle memory from increased strength
  7. Better posture
    1. Your core strength, lower back strength increases >>> you find yourself sitting and standing straighter
  8. Better attitude
    1. Endorphins released can help fight depression.
  9. Increased confidence
    1. Resulting from results, you look and feel better about yourself
  10. Decrease risk of injury, pain and arthritis
    1. I am living proof. My RA went into remission as a result of this and a healthy diet. Lifting and building muscle also builds stronger connective tissue at the joint which contributes to increased joint stability.
  11. Lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and Increase HDL (good cholesterol) levels
  12. Decrease risk of Diabetes
    1. Lower body fat, less of a risk
  13. Blood pressure can become lower, BP tends to decrease for 10 – 12 hours post workout
  14. Increased independence
    1. You can do more on your own due to increased strength and mobility, helping you feel more independent and able to do things on your own
  15. Look good naked
    1. Or in ANYTHING! J


Now you may read all the above and think well that's great, but I still do not want to turn into she Hulk, and here are some reasons as to why you WILL NOT turn into your big muscled man friends.

Our testosterone levels versus Men's testosterone levels:

Testosterone is the primary muscle building hormone. Men and women BOTH carry it. However our levels vary greatly. Men carry more because they have testicles, for reproductive reasons… and we do not… duh. We (women) have much lower levels in our reproductive parts because we also carry estrogen and men do not.

We eat less:

Some women may not, like me and other fitness peeps, in our "bulking season" but the everyday woman does not eat nearly enough. We are preprogrammed to want to eat less, to stay slim. We normally do not overeat in our everyday lives in the amount sufficient enough to pack on major muscle.

Women typically do not push as hard as men in workouts:

Men know and are more prone to push themselves past the point of pain in workouts. Going after their Max and not being scared to go really really heavy and pushing their bodies to its limit. We just typically do not do this. If you really want to put on major muscle you have to know how to push your body.