Keeping it right during the Holidays, survival tips!


It’s the most exciting time of the year… right?  ImageWell yes when it comes to parties, friends, family, and oh yea SWEETS. With the Holidays comes sweets, and no one wants to resist some of grandmas amazing cookies, or pumpkin pie, or that REALLY good fudge mom or so and so always makes…. Well atleast those are some of MY favorite things, and I am here to tell you that you CAN have them, I do. You just have to know when enough is enough, how to pick your poison so to speak. Here are some tips:

  1. Drink water, A LOT. All through out the day DRINK UP! Before a big meal DRINK UP! In between cocktails DRINK UP! Water makes you feel fuller longer, many times when you feel hungry, guess what your not, you are just thirsty! Dehydration can cause you to crave things, so DRINK UP and control how much you indulge in!!
  2. Know what treats are really the ones the holidays wouldn’t be the same without! When you have a few treats you look forward to every year, please please please do NOT deprive yourself. Have 1 or 2 of the cookies, or a few pieces of fudge.
  3. Eat healthy surrounding indulgences. When you eat healthy 90-95% of the time a few sweets here and there WILL NOT kill you! And they will keep you SANE! When you deprive yourself of things you really want you are more prone to binge or go crazy when you finally do allow yourself something. Allow things in MODERATION! It is key J
  4. At Holiday dinners? Eat ½ an entrée or split something with someone and by do NOT bring home leftovers!!
  5. Potlucks or cookie swaps? Again choose a few indulgences and stick to healthier options for everything else. You do NOT have to eat EVERY cookie at a swap I promise! Take the others home and regift to coworkers (yep I went there, as long as they weren’t at the swap of course) ;).
  6. Stand up for yourself and your health! If you do not want something then don’t eat it! Do not be scared of “what people think” if you do not. Chances are people will commend you for your dedication and choice to stick to your goals! It also tends to be a conversation starter, as everyone always seems to be looking for a new diet or weight loss solution (even when surrounded by sweets) :)
  7. Oh yea get those workouts in consistently too! Do NOT give up or make excuses just because it is the holidays! It is YOUR health! Take control and stay motivated!! Make appointments with your trainer consistently still this month OR with yourself and do NOT cancel!!  You wouldn’t cancel on your boss at work would you?! Well put your health on the back burner and guess what, you will be cancelling one day when you have a bunch of Dr. appointments to go to :/.

I hope this can help you navigate the Holidays and stay fit! Don’t push everything off until January 1st, you will only have to work that much harder! Enjoy what you want to enjoy but stick to your guns and keep health in check the majority of the time!! I promise you will thank me later…. Or January 2nd ;).

Candice :)