Get moving!

We all know that it is better to be active than sedentary, but do you know the REAL benefits? Are you someone who sits at a desk all day but gets in a 1 hour workout and thinks that is sufficient every day? Think again! If you are glued to your desk only getting up a few times in 8 hours, working out for an hour, then going home to watch tv, your may be hurting yourself in the long run!

When you are seated for a prolonged period of time, be it in front of the tv, at a desk, etc your metabolic level starts to shut down (meaning you are burning less fat). Your larger muscle groups like your legs being immobile for so long lead to a decrease in circulation, caloric burn and leads to certain enzymes that break down triglycerides start slowly shutting off.  It also causes your body to use less blood sugar! Did you know research has shown that for every 2 hours of sitting on your butt your diabetes risk goes up by 7%?!? This is also a similar statistic with your increase in heart disease! Sitting also causes havoc on your spine and posture. Your hip flexors and hamstrings shorten after prolonged sitting which lead to weakening of the muscles that support your spine and lower back!

So what can you do to help prevent some of this if you do have a desk job, or occupation that requires a lot of time in front of a computer? Well for starters when you are NOT at work you should NOT be planted in front of the tv for hours!

Here are some ideas:

-          GET MOVING! J

  • At work:
    • Stand and walk around/stretch EVERY 30 minutes
    • While on the phone pace around or move around versus sitting
    • Stand while typing emails
    • Sit on a stability ball versus a chair (it causes you to engage your core so you are moving while sitting)
  • At home:
    • Cleaning, housework all keep you up and mobile so when you are not at work do stuff around the house
    • If you are watching tv, do it from the treadmill or bike or do crunches on the floor, stretch, just don’t sit there
    • If you like video games, play WII versus sitting on your booty
    • COOK your food versus ordering take out
      • Get the whole family involved!
    • Again walk around if on the phone
    • Have more sex (yep I said that it gets ya moving!) ;)

I hope this helps you all see the benefits of not being sedentary. It really can cause health issues that I know none of us want! So get moving!!! 


Candice :)