Goals..and YOU

I was lucky enough to get hurt last week.... not really, well about the lucky part, I did get hurt. #fail (yes I just hashtagged in a post, get over it :D)

Anyways, I sprained my ankle last week, and because I am the stubborn person I am I kept trying to work out with it thinking I would be ok... well as a result I sprained my knee too. SO I had to take a few days off, luckily they were not terrible sprains and I should be back to normal next week.

I digress >>> When you compete in any sport, or participate daily in something you truly love, that has become part of who you are, it is VERY hard to take time off or spend time away from it. The few days I have had taking it easy, has given me alot of time to think.  

One thing in particular >>> I always talk about goals, but what type of goals should you really be setting for yourself? Clearly one of mine got me injured because that is all I could see>>> goal>>> improvement aka building my glutes. And again I digress >>> Ones that are so far out of reach most people think you are insane? Sure those are fine, I have those and I damn well plan on reaching them! But mainly when I think and speak about goals I think of SMART goals (yes I am using a cheesy analogy but it works) Specific, Measurable, Action Oreinted, Realistic, Timed goals.

Everyone needs goals in their life, whether it be for business, family, friends, health, etc. I have many in each category but I am just going to share mine in the fitness category. 

So my big time overall goals are:

- Become an IFBB Pro

- Be on a cover of a magazine

- Get married

- Pay off student loans.... :/

- Own my own business

Well you might say some of those are big, others very close in reach. Those are in no particular order either, but I know my SMART goals are going to get me to each one of those 5 things. I am just speaking of Fitness now though.

Example of my SMART goals to being on the cover of a magazine:

Specific goal- Be on the cover 

Measurable-  Get in a magazine

Action Oriented: Shoot and work with legit photographers

Realistic: Keep working towards it and know its not happening overnight

Timetable: Next 5 years

See each one outlines a little bit of the specific overall goal. Things I can be doing now to get there. When you set goals you should be doing the same! 

All in all everyone should have some sort of goal in their life right at this very moment. Never settle for what you have today and think that is all you are worth, because its NOT! You are worth far more, and can bring far more into this life than you can imagine. Keep pushing, keep believing in yourself and know that even if something is not happening today, or if you have had some set back that you can STILL become what you want to be :).


Happy Sunday, make next week ROCK!