Never let a goal let you lose sight of what is truly important in life

Life is what you make it, and that is the absolute truth. I live a life not many would attempt, but yet I have met so many who do. I love the way I live, but one thing I have come to realization of this year is that balance in all aspects is so important. It is also one thing I will continue to work on while pursuing my goals in modeling and training. Now I am relating this to my lifestyle but hopefully anyone can relate in some way. 

Dieting, you cannot be in "competition" shape year round, it is not healthy to live that lean, especially being a female. I am not saying eat like crap and do not train for parts of the year, but you have to eat more, carbs especially, and train a little less. As a competitor especially one that does not have as much muscle as some, this can be hard. You want to see your abs after seeing them for a while, when they are not as visible, this can make me (and fellow competitors I am sure) self conscious. It cracks me up when people I meet for the first time sometimes are surprised we don't walk around daily how we look in our stage pictures and even some photo shoot photos. I live in gym clothes pretty much! Dieting is hard, mentally and physically, but when you find balance with it all it is doable and you can enjoy it! It takes practice, and I by no means am perfect, but I know I do not let it consume me like I did when I first started. The women in the industry I look up to, especially my coaches have helped me see this.

 Life, and family- Just like with any job, when you have goals especially when you are young and starting out and you can be go go go all the time. This can be good as you are preparing yourself for a set future, but you can also be consumed so much with work that you miss out on life. You have to have time with friends and family. I personally admit when I started competing I was really worried about what others thought and would miss out on certain things because of it. Now if I want to be with friends/ family I will be, and if someone has a problem with my lifestyle, then they shouldn't be a part of my life. That is my opinion. I have no intention on living alone with my dog the rest of my life lol, so if I have to get out of my comfort zone every once in a while so be it. But I still always keep my goals in mind, but will be enjoying other aspects of life along with it!

You live and you learn, that is what life is all about. So take chances, but remember what is important in life.... family and friends, those who love you. Keep working hard towards your goals, but don't neglect them. No one wants to make it to the top only to be alone ;).