Failing to plan? Then you're planning to fail! - Shannon Dey :)

Well I am sure others have stated the above Title too, BUT my coach is who I heard it from first! And it is so very true! When you make a decision to become healthier, to start adding in fitness and a routine of being healthy in your life the only way you are going to succeed is if you PLAN TO! 

When you first start, you are excited, amped up for your next workout, imagining how good you will look in your swimsuit at the beach. Then life happens... a week or two down the road you are tired after work, you don't have any food prepared so you will just grab something... just this once, then it happens the next night, and the next. All of a sudden a week or two later you have only been to the gym once and been eating junk most meals of the day. Does this sound at all familiar?!? 

In today's society we are so consumed with being on the go all the time, the last thing most people think of is preparing food for the day, or scheduling gym time into your already busy routine. But if you want to truly change your life, get healthier, and in the best shape of your life you HAVE to plan to do these things. Would you cancel meetings with your boss? Doubt it. Think of food prep and your workouts the same way, put them on your calendar, do not cancel on your health!

Food prep is probably more foreign than working out to most. To me it something I do EVERY week, it is part of my life and schedule now. If I am leaving the house and do not have atleast one meal with me I feel empty handed. So what does "meal prep" to me consist of? Well every Sunday I cook all my proteins (chicken, fish, ground turkey, steak (yes steak), etc for the week! I then preportion them for each meal and put them in containers or ziplocks with different veggies, complex carbs, fruit, etc. I keep about 3 days worth in the fridge and freeze the rest. I do NOT recommend freezing most veggies but proteins are A OK! Don't listen to what a lot of people say, you CAN freeze cooked stuff then dethaw it and it taste just fine! I do it every week  and have for almost 2 years now :).


It takes me normally about 2 hours, sometimes less depending on the week, but without it I promise you I COULD NOT live the way I do. No way would I want to cook that crap on the reg every day. 

So bottom line, if you want the changes in your life to actually happen. PLAN for them to. Get your workouts in, get your food prep done, and then a month or two down the road you will look back and feel so accomplished for your new lifestyle! 

Now get on it! You got one life to make the absolute best of :).