Some of my favorite things (that keep me sane)

I live a healthy lifestyle YEAR round, not just to prep for a show or photo shoot. So many people think you have to deprive yourself of certain foods, or things in order to stay lean and fit. I am here to tell you that being FIT and HEALTHY does NOT have to suck! 

You CAN be creative with meals, you can use spices to change things up, you can add different veggies to a meal, grilled, sauteed, etc!! And YES you CAN eat out and be social, you just have to know what to order. Most restaurants WILL cook food to your specifications, even if it is plain, not cooked in butter, boring chicken or fish (yes I have done this). Again not saying everyone needs to be that extreme, but little things like asking for dressing on the side, or always going for grilled NOT fried WILL make a difference to the everyday person just trying to live leaner!!

Anyways point of this post is to share some of my FAVORITE things in my life, now some of these are excluded when I am in competition prep, but normally they are staples and keep me sane :). If you haven't tried some of them I suggest you do!

  • PB2      Image                            Image If you have never tried this you are missing out, just look at the nutrition info and compare it to normal PB... UM HELLO?!? Normal PB can add a crap ton of calories to your day if you are not careful... and if you are a PB addict like me, that is dangerous! You just mix this yumminess with a little water and you are good to go! Add to anything! And good news is a lot of grocery stores carry it now!! #boom
  • Liquid Stevia Image Another amazing invention for those trying to watch what they eat and BE HEALTHY! Do not even get me started on Splenda and how bad it is for you, stevia on the other hand is natural from the stevia leaf. You can get these at Whole foods or most health food stores. Add just a few drops to food, coffee, tea, etc and viola amazingness with NO regret!!
  • One bars ImageI discovered these gems just recently. They are natural and each have one legit serving of fruit. Not like those fake fruit bars most grocery stores sell. Only 70 calories per bar, and again like I said natural! They taste awesome too!
  • Syntha 6 Isolate ImageThis stuff is my favorite protein powder HANDS DOWN. If you have ever tried normal Syntha 6 you know it has a lot of carbs (which ARE good post workout) and higher calories. Most girls try to stay away from that. This version is lower calories, and carbs and tastes amazing. I like to blend vanilla and chocolate with just a little bit of water and ice and refrigerate for an hour or too and I kid you not it taste like a Frosty from Wendys. #yourewelcome
  • ICED COFFEE Image This stuff right here = my crack in a cup. I rarely use pre workouts anymore so this is my go to :). Iced coffee doesn't dehydrate me like hot coffee and add some of that liquid stevia to it and its amazing. Alot of iced coffees already have sugar in them so be sure to ask for it BLACK, many places do not advertise this but it can add up on your waist line!! Just ask for it unsweetened and add your own Liquid stevia to it and viola! #drinkup


These are my top 5 favorite foods/drinks/secrets in my life right now and most of the time, soooo hope they can become staples in yours too!


Stay healthy my friends ;)