Grocery stores. Learning how to shop!

Everyone has been in a grocery store, but there are some tricks to shopping that some may not know about and I always try to follow, and I want to rely them on to you now!

First and foremost, you probably already know this but do not go hungry! You will typically buy more, nibble nibble nibble on any samples (and YES those add up!! ) and end up with a cart full of junk versus healthy food your body NEEDS! 

Second, stick to the outside isles, fresh non processed stuff is located on the outer rims of grocery stores (I have yet to be in one that this isn't the case).  Meats, fresh produce, grains, things your body can actually use and need are located here!!Image


Avoid the middle isles, these contain all the processed and additive loaded foods with ingredients you cannot pronounce and your body cannot use! 

  • Eating this stuff can cause bloat
  • Water retention 
  • Headaches
  • Drowsiness
  • etc

YES food or FAKE food can cause all of those things, if your body does not know what to do with something, it will not be processed and absorbed or used properly. 

SO AVOID>>>>>>>Image

If you are going to buy boxed junk anyways, some are not terrible. Oats, teas, granola, some of these things are located in isles but have very few ingredients! That is the key when looking at labels!

  • Read labels, the fewer ingredients the better. Make sure the first ingredient listed is what it should be, for example in oatmeal it should be oats, not a word you cannot pronounce or sugar.
  • Look at sodium, most processed foods are very high in sodium, this is another reason for bloat, avoid it!
  • Look at sugars, many foods may say no sugar added, or something along those lines, but many times if you look at the ingredients you will see some listed. So look! Common types of sugars are fructose, dextrin, dextrose, lactose, xylose, cane juice, sucrlose, and of course anything labeled sugar! These things are used to help preserve foods and make them last on the shelves longer.

SO overall I hope you have learned something from this and next time you are in the grocery store you will remember to stick to the outside!! The fewer ingredients, the more your body will thank you!! :)