WATER!!! Drink up!!

Do you drink enough water?Image

If you are like most you do, but no where near enough. If I could get everyone I know to drink a gallon a day it would be one of the best days ever for me! Now I am not saying you NEED to drink a gallon a day like me, but there are SO many benefits to drinking more. Start with getting the ideal 8 glasses a day (meaning 8 8oz cups!). Once you accomplish that, increase it a little more I promise you will feel better!!

Here are some benefits of good ol' H20!

  • First off its relatively cheap!
  • It balances your electrolytes and body temperature

Did you know your body is made up of about 60% water?

  • When your bodys water is decreased by just 1% you get thirsty
  • At 5% your muscle strength and endurance begins to decline
  • at 10% you can become delirious and have blurred vision
  • at 20% death can even occur!! 

Now I am not trying to scare you, but you must replenish the water you lose! You lose about 1-2 liters an hour with exercise, you lose through sweat, urination, saliva, and other bodily functions.

  • It also helps regulate kidney function and release the body of harmful toxins
  • It can make you skin look refreshed and not as dry! Dehydrated skin typically is dry and can even appear more wrinkly!
  • It makes you consume less, try drinking a glass right before you eat! You will feel fuller, preventing yourself from eating as much if you are dieting. It also can regulate and control cravings! I always find when I am thinking I am hungry I am actually only thirsty, I drink a big glass of water and viola much better ;)!

Try drinking more! You and your body can thank me later :D!